Monday, 24 April 2017

I have a Drone !

I have been thinking about getting a drone/quad copter for about 6 months, DJI the main company making these machines announced a new smaller foldable design called Mavic Pro last year , after pre ordering one it became apparent that supply/delivery was going to take quite a while, with numerous delays from the factory.  After about 6 weeks the company announced another drone, the  Phantom 4 pro  , which has the renowned 1 " Sony exmor sensor. adjustable apperture, shutterspeed and iso .   hearing this i immediately cancelled my Mavic order and pre ordered this one , after all image quality is more important than portability!
Eventually i received my P4p the second week of January this year, after a long wait and hearing all sorts of problems with the new drone i hoped that all these problems would have been fixed in firmware updates.

Setting it up was done in no time, new updates installed easily and now i just had to go and test it out in beginner mode at first :)              There is a field nearby next to a golf course where i can safely make its first flight ,   i have been practising with a small cyma xc5 so it should not be too difficult .

                                               My first drone image , WOW   impressed already .

 After a short test taking a few images and short video clips i have gone home , re charged the battery ( need to be careful not to go below 50% for the first 4 or 5 re charges to prolong battery life)  i have taken off directly above the garden to take a topdown shot .

A few days later i took the drone down to New Brighton to try out on the beach over the groynes

     Looks pretty good from above . i have been shooting at f5.6 which appears to be the sharpest apperture on this 28 mm lens

My next trip out was to Talacre beach for a quick try in a wide open space ,   i now have a second battery so will have about 46 minutes flying time now , approx 23 on each battery.     Its quite breezy but not a problem , but it started spitting with rain so only managed a twenty minute flight.

One of my favourite images taken so far ,  topdown over the lighthouse with the Terrible Twosome running into the water .

              Newborough Beach on Anglesey  next stop on the Drone tour ,     a fabulous location.

A video test on Moreton shore came next , i have not a clue about video but i shot this at 60fps so i could do a couple of slow motion clips in the finished film.

 Finally a view of Colwyn Bay pier just before the end was destroyed by a storm a few days later.
yes i took of from the beach straight over the sea !

                                                       and Parys Mountain on Anglesey

 That is a selection of practise shots of my first 6 weeks of flying the Drone ,  its has amazed me how different everything looks from high up and how easily you can get good compositions 

all these have been shot at less than 200 ft ,  the maximum allowed in uk is 400ft for safety reasons obviously .

Next stop a Snowdonia shoot with the Drone in the mountains.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Lakes , Dec 2016

A weekend trip to the Lakes , the weather is looking great with frost and  blue skies .  we are meeting up with friends of mine up there on sunday morning.

We have just enough time for a quick walk along the river Brathey near Elterwater before meeting up later at Tarn Hows for a walk.

                                                           The conditions are superb!

                                        Magnificent view of the Langdales in the distance.

                                                                   Frosty fields and sun .

 Time to leave now and meet up with Gina, Dave, Tanya, Paul  and a couple of their freinds at the well known beauty spot that is Tarn Hows.

                                     Jan brought a picnic with Prosecco and cakes

                                                                 The Tarn Hows Pines

After leaving Tarn Hows we all went down to Coniston Water to the cafe , and then a walk around the shore for the sunset.

                 A long exposure image with the Lee Big Stopper to smooth out the water.

        The following morning we are up at Honister slate mine , and going for a walk up in the fells.

                                   Terrible Twosome not looking impressed with the view   haha

                                                              Thats a great view though .

                                                  The end of a great weekend in the Lakes

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Autumn in the Lakes November 2016

Catching up with a few Autumn colour images from last November . One of only a few shoots i managed for the autumn colours last year.
 First stop of the day was to Ambleside to walk up to Stock Ghyl falls,   here are a few images frome the bottom set of falls ,  all using Lee Big stopper , 10 stop nd filter.

Then i moved on to Thirlmere for a walk around the lake shore............

 A walk up to Raven Crag , and this view looking behind me ............

                                            Looking down on the Dam from Raven Crag.

                  Tarn Hows with the last rays of the setting sun lighting up the reflections .

           Looking towards Coniston , the dark clouds and setting sun lighting them up dramatically .
                                                          Last image of the day.

All images shot with Canon 5dsr , 17-40L   100-400mm L

Monday, 27 February 2017

Dorset september 2016 Swanage,Peviril point,Durdle door

Walking around the headland from Kimmeridge bay,   its very windy but warm and sunny.  the coastline is amazing along here.

                                                          Zooming in with long lens.

                                                 Looking back towards Kimmeridge bay

                                Stunning cliffs!   6 frame vertical image panorama

Its early evening and i have decided to climb up the headland to look down on Durdle door for sunset.  its a steep climb up towards Bat head onto the top of Swyre Head.     the golden light is really nice , but it is very windy up here and I'm struggling to get sharp images even on the tripod!!

The following morning , our last day we have driven to Swanage ,  and a walk onto the pier and a look at the old pier structure which i want to do a long exposure image.     its drizzling and quite dull overcast but i managed this 30 second exposure with Lee Big stopper nd filter.

After lunch we have walked around to Peveril Point

                   This is my favourite composition  , 47 seconds with big stopper 10 stop nd filter.

 The final evening at Durdle Door ,  and what a sunset !     as the sun just about on horizon it lit up the entire beach with warm orange light ,   never seen such a strong light like this before . even with nd grad filters  i couldn't prevent the lens flare but quite like the effect .

 and then i have walked over to Man-o-war Bay after the sun has gone down and managed this image , it was quite dark by this time but still showed some colour.