Friday, 23 January 2015

Prague at night Jan 6th 2015

We have made our way down onto "Manes" bridge , its 3.20 now and there is colour starting to appear in the sunset,  i don't think it will be a good one but any colour will be a bonus with the weather being so changeable.
Walking onto the bridge i start setting up the tripod , and yes you guessed it,  Jan takes out her I-Phone and takes this.......................

                                                 and i missed it!!!!!!!!!   Arghhhhhh  
                                      great cloud and colour and the flock of seagulls
                       Memories of the windmill sunset in Norfolk that i missed      Again :(

Any how , i get set up and take a few ..............    in fact loads but after 15 mins i got this one..

                        i use long lens to get the best colour behind behind Spires in silhouette

 I have been moving around along the bridge taking a few shots , But had to wait until 4.20 ish before i got a few images i like :)

                         using a 10 stop nd filter to smooth out the water i take this image :)

       We have moved a little way around  towards Charles bridge, going down to see the swans........

                         Jan takes this image as i shoot into darkness.   can you see me?   lol

                                                                          Dusk into darkness.

 We quickly make our way to Lesser town tower , to get a view  from high up at dusk ,It costs about £3 to go up the tower , about the same for all of them it seems.    just as we get to the top of the tower, a police car drives onto the Pedestrian only bridge!!!!!!!!!!!   WTF?     can see the blue light streak followed by brake lights . 

                              As the light fades i shoot these images of the Castle/Palace

                                                              view panorama big HERE

                                                         Charles Bridge  , dark now.

                       Looking up towards St Nicholas church from the towers mid level walkway

 After coming down from the tower , walking onto the bridge i stop to try shooting the water mill wheel in "Devils stream"   which separates Lesser town from Kampa island.

                                                  Longish exposure blurs the wheel :)

                                    The Tower we have just come down from on the right.

                                     Here i am shooting the Charles bridge down by the river :)

                       Looking upstream to the National Theatre , beautifully illuminated.
a 10 second exposure used to smooth out the water combined with a 2 second exposure on the buildings for extra sharpness.

 Back on the bridge i shoot the Tower we have just been up with St Vitus Cathedral up on  castle hill behind.

                      I shoot this while walking across the bridge , putting tripod on the wall.
                     the red lights are traffic lights , i tried to get a green one but failed!!!!!!!   Doh!

                                              Photobomb by Jan :D   Arghhhhhh   lol


     Now time to get the reflection image i failed last night when the sleet was blowing into the lens!
        much better conditions tonight ,and i manage to get the wooden groyne and weir in the frame :D

                         a long lens shot of St Vitus Cathedral       Magnificent building!

 Turning back to the river,  a nice wide shot with reflections :)    cant stay any longer , Jan is getting cold waiting for me. she is so Patient :)

 Time to head back now, but a stop off in Old Town Square for a last look at the x mass market which is closing tonight,    i manage to get the Astronomical clock, x mass Tree and Tyn Church all in the one image :)

                               the magnificent spires of Tyn Church and huge x mass tree :)

                           The moon appears through the clouds between the Spires :)   YAY

                        The lights look wonderful on all the buildings and the market stall roofs

the end of  another fantastic day in Prague  , but we are going to get dinner first somewhere in this area before going back to the hotel.  its last full day tomorrow ;(

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Prague day 2 jan6th 2015

This morning we are going to the  Museum of Torture :)  it is in Old Town square as opposed to the Museum of Medieval Torture which is near the Charles Town bridge!       a bit stupid having two so close together we thought. Doh!

            Having found the correct one in Old Town square ,  next to the Wax works museum :)

 we enter down dark steep steps into underground rooms, there are pictures and illustrations on the walls next to all the exhibits.     here we have a simple torture seat :D

                                                No idea what this is used for  lol

        The "Rack"    it says people where stretched as much as 30cm  Don't think they survived! lol

                                         Face masks , with nails on the inside  Arghhhhh

                                                                         "Let me out"


                                                           Trying out the Guillotine :D

                                                "Don't leave me here! "    "HELP"

          We are now on our way to the castle district My pic has been photobombed   , thanks Jan!
passing the heated undercover restaurant we were in yesterday with Old Town tower in front of us.

 Charles bridge and the sun is starting to shine, lighting up the red rooftops in Lesser town opposite.

                                   Looking down stream towards the Metronome in Letna park.

                                                                   A group playing Jazz

                                    Various stalls selling pictures and artists on the bridge.

                          This is the small square in Lesser town , beautiful buildings all around.

Heading up the main road  to the "Old stairs"  to go up to the castle area, a different way than yesterday.

This is a lovely view down the hill we have walked up, a bit of sun brightens up all the buildings.

the road turned sharp right hairpin and at the top of we get a good view over the city's red roof tops :D

              As we reach "Hradcanske" square the sun illuminates the "Archbishop's palace"

                                    and the front of the castle entrance on one side!

                                                 just inside the first courtyard looking out

                                           think Jan needs a step ladder for this one :D  haha

                                 The beautiful spires of St Vitus Cathedral over the roof tops :)

                                          and into the Cathedral we go ..............    WOW!

    its dark and a real struggle to shoot handheld , but these stained glass windows are Awesome!

Outside , amazing building.

We have moved around the back through another entrance over a bridge , more guards standing motionless!      i think  Jan wanted to go "Touch" one   i said NO!

                            View across the bridge which goes over a deer moat and park .

            We have left the castle and are walking back the way we came up, love these streets :)

                                                     Well!    Jan did same in Budapest :)

                        Having hot chocolate and muffin now,   most amazing Hot chocolate :)

We have walked across towards "Manes bridge" , i was thinking of walking to the Metronome in Letna gardens but the sky looks like might possibly colour up a bit at sunset in half hour , but i don't think we will make the most of it there.

the view from Manes bridge looking towards Charles bridge looks quite interesting, with the sun setting over to the right we are going to go onto the bridge and see how it looks...............
continued in next part of blog .