Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Scotland Holiday day 2 Rannock Moor Glencoe

Monday morning, Day two in Scotland, After staying at Inveruglas over night, a quick walk with the dogs near the visitor centre before we head off up towards Glencoe .  A coachfull of American tourists had just arrived and they all wanted photographs of Chester , I guess spanials are popular in the us.  Mollster was unaware of his fame   haha

          And a short drone flight for this 9 frame panorama, not a breath of wind at the moment but it will not stay this calm for long.

               Stunning scenery here as expected, and the weather forecast if for a warm sunny day .
                                                                 5dsr  100-400mm L

Our next stop will be Rannock Moor, just past the Bridge of Orchy. about 30 miles from here up the A82.   After stopping off at the Green Welly Stop to top up with fuel we are good to get up to the highlands now.     Parked up at the Loch Ba viewpoint, its quite windy now unfortunately but I will risk a short Drone flight.

Here is the view from the drone,  since its windy I am staying fairly low altitude and shooting this nine frame panorama manually .  Fabulous clouds at the moment and still a small amount of snow left on the peaks.


I have walked around to find a good composition for an image, the water levels are extremely low, and all the boggy areas are almost completely dry.    I have found this interesting log which makes good foreground interest.

                                                                 60 seconds  f14

And a little further around to the left I have shot this again with a 6o second long exposure to show cloud movement  using the 10 stop nd lee big stopper filter on my 5dsr/17-40L set up.

Next stop will be Glencoe , which is only about 10 minutes up the road.   The Ski centre has a large car park , and as it turns out we can empty the vans waste and fill up with water , with a honest box.  how great is that!      as we drive up towards the centre the Famous  "Black Rock Cottage" is on the right hand side , everyone shoots this and I obviously need to also.  

                                           Jan has taken this image on her phone .

                                                                     My camera image.

                      5 frame drone Vertorama , this scene doesn't look as good from the air imo
                  Lack of sun does not help though in this comparison compared to camera image.

Back at the van , in a near empty car park  we are going for a walk up the track behind the Ski lift, the blue sky has been replaced with cloud now but its still very warm.

                             It is very warm, but the stiff breeze is welcomed up here.

                                                        Chester Standing to attention

That's far enough Jan says ,  no point going any further!   Ok  lets go back down and fill up the water in the van.   The famous Etive waterfall will be the final stop for today , it is only a few minutes down the road under with Stob Dearg directly behind it , part of Buachaille Etive Mor .  We can wildcamp right next to the waterfall , if there is space.  It looks like there is only room for about 4 vehicles on google maps .

Arriving at the waterfall, there are 2 vans and a car in the small car park , so we have to drive past but just over the bridge is a perfect parking spot for one vehicle, level and surrounded by trees.    yay
Dinner time now , while watching the sun slowly set above the mountain opposite us.

After dinner a short walk up the road to take a drone flight , the light is really nice, but without any clouds there is not going to be a sunset tonight.

                            Up in the air , a nine frame panorama , the river looks almost dry!  

                                                                5 frame vertorama

Topdown over the falls, not much water by looks of it so will be difficult to get a decent waterfall image at sunset or sunrise.  our van is in bottom right surrounded by trees.

Down at the river just above the waterfall with very little water , where I am standing is usually the waterfall that everyone shoots with the mountain behind. I am limited in what I can shoot, and with a cloudless sky  it just isn't going to be any good unfortunately.
The sun has sunk below the mountain, so I can try to shoot now.

          B&W conversion is the best option I feel   5dsr, 17-40L  little stopper and 0.9 soft nd grad.

                                                  Colour version taken well after sunset.

That's a disappointing end to a great day , I am going to get up early for sunrise , that will be difficult as I don't do early!

Monday, 17 June 2019

Scotland Holiday day 1 may 2019

Today we are off on holiday in the van to Scotland,   I have never been before and have been looking forward to it, especially as we had planned to go last September, but the weather was awful up there so drove south.
After a long drive we have arrived at Loch Lomond, and parked up at Duck Bay , my first impression is that it looks like a big Lake District .  The weather is looking very good all week,  warm and sunny into the 20s .

                                      Time for breakfast,  pancakes , with a great view .

A quick walk along the lake, and a seaplane comes in to land,  there are sight seeing flights from this end of the Loch.

Time for a quick flight , there are no real views to photograph but need a record shot of the first stop.
Straight away there is a problem with the drone,  gimbal overload warning and the camera is facing sideways!     I land and shut it down , then start up and take to the air again,  with the same problem but changing camera from manual to auto seems to have removed the warning and seems to be ok, apart from its not level with the horizon.

I have taken this one image and landed , I hope this doesn't happen again as this is the first day of the holiday!

Time to move on down the Loch now,  we have booked in to stay overnight at Inveruglas car park, which is £3 online from the Trossacks web site.    Since that is at the far end of the lake we will find another stopover on the way down for the afternoon.
We have found a big layby near to Inverbeg , there is a gravel beach and it appears to be a popular spot with overnight camping allowed .

The Terrible Twosome have had a paddle and a short walk, the gravel beach is unfortunately covered in broken glass all along , so we cant stay on there .

Time to fly again , the bay down to the left looks interesting  and also directly opposite there appears to be a small island worth looking at.
No warnings this time but the camera is not levelling.   A 9 frame panorama of Inverbeg.

Flying straight over to the other side a quick vertorama looking down the lake with Ben Lomond over to the right.

After a walk along towards Inverbeg with the dogs I noticed the light is starting to look rather nice , so another short drone flight .     No warnings on start up , but I have had to perform an auto gimbal calibration to level the camera.     This is a manually shot 15 frame panorama , the low sun producing nice shadows over the water.

          Now time to drive down to where we will be stopping the night ,  its just after 7 pm now .

This is our view ,   we are in the trees near to the Pyramid monument, its fairly quiet now on a Sunday evening.

Time to get a few more pictures , the monument is called  "An Ceann Morand is 8m in height. it was installed in 2015

                                                                  Jan snapped me    lol

                                                                          The Pyramid

                    Just out in the bay is this small island which makes a great Topdown image .

                    Looking straight down from above the Pyramid in this Topdown image.

After dinner I am hoping for a good sunset, and although the clouds have built up I think the cloud base behind me has lowered too much for any colour to develop.

                                   9 frame panorama,  big sky but no colour unfortunately.

                                       Slight pink hue over to the left up the lake, and that's it

Meanwhile back in the van ………...Wine for Jan .

The plan for tomorrow is to drive up through Rannock Moor and Glencoe...…  Cant wait to get up towards the mountains .

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Rannerdale, Bluebells and Dalehead April 29

Today I am going up to the Lakes to Rannerdale to see the famous Bluebells , they cover the fellside along the valley near to  Crummock water in Buttermere Valley.
The weather forecast is looking good , warm and sunny so an early start needed to get up the m6 .

Arriving at the Rannerdale car park, which is full and continued to the second , Yes  you guessed   Full!    one more area left and I managed to squeeze in the last spot. Right opposite Crummock water and Look at the reflections, fabulous.  I get the drone up immediately to get some shots before the breeze ripples the surface.

                  9 frame panorama , auto mode .Rannerdale Knot on left in deep shade , High stile, Stirling Dodd and Mellbreak opposite me with great reflections.

Looking down the lake towards Darling Fell and Fellbarrow.  Loweswater is just hidden to the left of the small mountains .

                            9 frame panoramas , great clouds today , and not a breath of wind.

                  Now time to see the Bluebells, its a short walk from here across to the valley.
                     Looking back towards Crummock water.

                             I am at the head of Rannerdale valley now, Buttermere is just visible.

This is a six vertical frame panorama shot with canon 5dsr and 17-40L lens, a 0.6 soft nd grad to hold back the exposure on the sky.

                                                             Mollster is with me also.

Walking up into the Bluebells,  all the paths are roped off now to prevent people trampling the flowers , which unfortunately still happens.

                                                Close up on the tree with 100-400 lens

A two frame panorama , showing the path I have just walked down , having made my way down to the edge of the stream to get this composition.

I waited for the sun to break through the light cloud to illuminate the hawthorn blossom , with the shade behind giving good contrast.

Time to go climbing now, I did think about going up to Rannerdale knots summit, but since I have been up there quite a few times I have decided on  Dale head , it must be at least 7 years since I last went up there.      Time to drive up Buttermere valley along the lake and then up to Honister slate mine to park in the NT  car park.

 Now for the steep climb all the way up to the summit Cairn, which is one of the very best in the entire lakes .    unfortunately the higher I get the stronger the wind is getting, just hope it doesn't get too much to fly the drone.

                                                  Dale Head cairn, what a stunner it is .

                                   The drone is up , but Mollster doesn't seem interested.

                                                                    That's better Mol

A multi frame panorama , shot manually in rows of three frames vertically. overlapping about 30% -40% when shooting.

                                                    Mollster waits for me to finish flying.

15 Frames merged in this image , showing the ridge line towards Robinson and around to Hindscarth.

                                                               a 5 frame Vertorama

I have now left the summit and walked along to get a better view over Buttermere with High Stile in the background.

                                                                         Now a dronie

A 27 frame manually shot Panorama ,l-r   Fleetwith pike, High Stile , Starling Dodd ,  Centre - Dalehead cairn , Robinson, Hindescarth ,  Right - High spy , Maiden Moor .  I think  

                                                                   View Larger  HERE

                        Time to head back now,  its very windy now and clouding over.

                                               Fence line leading down towards Honister

                                                                     Mol and her shadow

The end of a fabulous day in the Lakes ………………….

images shot with canon 5dsr, 17-40L, 100-400L , Phantom 4 pro drone and I phone7+