Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Perranporth and Bedruthan sunset End of Holiday

              Its almost the end of our Cornwall holiday , tonight we are heading to Perranporth .

             Walking  past the top carpark where we have parked around the headland heading towards Clogga head .  just a short walk tonight.

                     A 21 frame Drone panorama , the light is rubbish at the moment unfortunately.

                                 A phone shot as the light is starting to look good over the grass's

              The sun is setting now, but not a cloud in sight so its not going to colour up tonight.

                                                     Lovely light now over the fields.

            I have put the drone up again, flying out over the sea to look towards the town and beach.
                                             but the light isn't really doing much tonight .

                                                   a Topdown panorama of the headland.

                      9 frame panorama , clearly showing the different water colours, very unusual.

                                                                Another Topdown panorama

          Meanwhile...…….. Jan takes a selfi with Chester illuminated by the warm low setting sun .


                                                                        Sunset ………..

The next morning we have walked down to Holywell beach with the dogs and gave them a good run , now  the last evening of the holiday I have come back to Bedruthan for hopefully another sunset.
the clouds are looking fabulous at the moment. But on the horizon its thickening up quickly, which is not good.

While I'm waiting to see if the sky is going to develop, I put the drone up for a few minutes.

a 9 frame panorama , just no light to illuminate the cliffs tonight.

                                                                       4 frame Vertorama
            Great sky, but the sun just isn't breaking through the cloud on the horizon unfortunately

                    One dslr image , for a couple minutes the light lit up the grasses in front of me.

That is the end of our holiday in Cornwall, and to say goodbye to the caravan.  this has been our last holiday in it .

    In a weeks time we pick up this …………………...

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Bedruthan Trevose Head ,& Stunning sunset Holywell bay

This morning we are starting our day at Bedruthan Steps, the Terrible Twosome need a good run and swim with the tide being out at Bedruthan.      As it turns out , my two best/favourite images of this holiday will be taken today.

         I never tire of seeing the first view looking down this Dramatic magnificent beach when the tide is out.

                                Just look at that view!   Cornwall's best coastline in my opinion.
                                  Now to climb down the hundred steep steps down to the sand.

Walking along the beach, with the dogs having a great time in the surf .   I shoot this image of Jan and the Terrible Twosome..     my second favourite image from this holiday .

After an hour or so on the beach we are now heading to Trevose Head, a place we have never been to. its not far up the coast just past Constantine Bay .

                                           Mollster doesn't look impressed, no beach   haha

I am walking down the coast path heading in the direction of Boobys bay and Constantine to find a decent section of coastline to fly over.

Boobys Bay and Constantine in the background.

Vertorama of Trevose Head

                                                                        9 frame panorama

                                  Strange huge hole in the headland clearly shown from above.

Tonight I am going down to Holywell beach to hopefully shoot an image I had planned last year but the weather was too windy to fly .   Tonight is looking good, no wind and a clear sky to hopefully illuminate Gull Rock as the sun setts low on the horizon out to sea.
I have walked around the headland to get a good line of sight to fly straight out to the rock. Flying straight out to the rock, I take a series of topdown images , 22 in all. in a grid pattern at 400 ft  to stitch together into the image below.  Time to fly back and change the drone battery ready for the best light as the sun gets low in the sky.

Now to  get the image I had planned, straight out past the rock , to look back towards the bay with the last of the suns rays illuminating Gull Rock and the coastline in lovely warm light.

                                       A full 9 frame panorama take a few minutes later.

                               While bringing the drone back I stop to take a silhouette image.

                                             The end of another fabulous day in Cornwall.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Cornwall Mevagissey , Porthcurno, Lands End and Botallack

I am at  Mevagissey to get a couple of aerial images , its unfortunately dull,cloudy with a stiff breeze this afternoon but will endeavour to get a few shots.   having walked around the harbour up on to the big grassy area on the right of the next image, I flew the drone out to take this 9 frame panorama.

                      Topdown image of the rocks below the cliff.  and Yes it looks like a lobster !

                     Another 9 frame panorama just showing the cliffs just in front of me.

                   Time for a walk around the harbour now, always enjoy walking around here.

Lovely colours on the rocks, and the wind has dropped right down now so may be able to get the drone up again over the outer harbour.

Having walked right out to the end of the harbour wall, I set the drone up but there was too much interference from all the iron work so its a no go.   maybe I can find a spot to fly from high up above on the headland.  Climbing up the steps onto the lookout directly over the breakwater I have got a clear area to fly from.

                                                               7 frame Vertorama
                                                               merged in lightroom

                      Just caught a boat coming into the harbour, pity the light is rubbish today.

Tomorrow morning we are going down towards Porthcurno, the forecast is looking fabulous.

Its a hot sunny morning, and we have tried to park at the Minack Theatre car park, but they would not let us in unless we were going to see a performance!!!     Driving around the headland down very narrow lane we have parked near  Porthchapel , but dogs are not allowed on the beach  ,so its a nice walk around the coastline this morning, then Lands end later.

Glorious beach, clear blue sky no good for photography but great for walking along this stunning coastline.

                            Mollster wants to go swimming, Arghhhh    Noooooo  not allowed!

We have walked around to the Theatre but can not actually see any of it, its all below the cliffs, Porthcurno beach looks amazing in the sun, but way too busy.

We are now at Lands End, Really warm  but getting very windy so no drone today by looks of it.   walking around and down to the point first, the Terrible Twosome want to get to the water    haha

I have walked around to get an image of the arch, pity there is no cloud as a plain blue sky is no good

                                                                  Poor Chester   haha

                                                             Mollster wants Ice crème also!

                                                    You just have to take a pic of this :)

The one location that I really want to visit this holiday is the engine house at  Botallack , so that is where we are heading for sunset, but first Sennen cove for chippy dinner .
This is the first time we have visited, its really beautiful and fairly quiet .

                                                               Tiny little fishing harbour

We have arrived at Botallack for sunset, clear skies and windy, no what I wanted .   but should at least get some nice light on the engine houses.    now walking along the cliff tops for a look around...

                          Chester doesn't seem to be impressed with this location   haha

                  Jan is going to leave me to the photography, book reading in the car my guess :)

                               The Engine houses on the cliff side, a perfect sunset location.

                           Now to climb down to a decent level to shoot from,  and its steep   lol
Sunset is in about 35 minutes, time to find a safe low ledge to get a couple of good compositions.   the wind is blowing straight off the sea, making long exposures a little harder to get sharp images.  I am hanging my camera bag on the tripod hook to add stability.  no drone flying again tonight unfortunately.

                  Looking behind me the cliffs are starting to warm up with the low setting sun.

                                                            The Crowns Engine Houses

                 5dsr, 17-40L       90 seconds , f14 , iso 100  little stopper and 0.6 soft nd grad filter

                                        Beautiful light on the grass and rocks behind me .

                                                                   8 seconds , f14

    The light is really nice now on the rocks and grasses in front of me, and still enough on the cliffs around the buildings perched on the rocks.

                                       8 seconds , f14     little stopper and 0.9 soft nd grad

                 One last image , nice glow in the sky now,   pity no clouds that would have lit up.