Sunday, 21 August 2016

Santorini Oia sunset 30th June 2016

We have come back to Oia for the sunset again, but not early like last time.   It is  7.05 pm  so little more than an hour to sunset .  its crowded as we expected but we are going to have a look around the other side of the windmills first to see if can find a spot there to shoot from.

                   Love these white buildings contrasting with the bright Bougainvillea plants.

 At the back of the windmills now, but cant get any decent composition so will go back to the castle ruins.

 I have found a small spot on top of a wall with a huge drop on my right!     need to be very careful.

 3 Images Jan took on her phone as i am shooting a few panoramas with the 5dsr & 100-400mm Lens
 Its packed with people , more than the previous visit i think.

                                      There is a Lovely glow on the white buildings right now.

My First image is a panorama just as the sun illuminates a few parts of the white buildings and the sky is colouring up nicely.       this is the image i wanted to get .

 The sun has set lower and the highlights on the buildings has gone, it only lasted a couple of minutes, so lucky i got the above image.   its a more subtle colour now.

                                                                           a phone shot

                                                           Panorama  -   5dsr  100-400L

                                            The lights are coming on now as its getting dark

                                                         Almost everyone has left now.

                                                                       A final panorama

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