Sunday, 15 January 2017

New Year in Prague 2017

Its New Years Eve ,5.50 pm , Jan and myself have arrived in Prague for a short break over New Year and its FOGGY!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhh     that kind of ruins my plans for photographing the fireworks with the beautiful Prague Castle in the background.
 Any how, after taking the airport transfer taxi to our hotel  the "Residence Green Lobster"   Yes   what a name that it is !   We are on the top floor, and the lift , in which you have to keep the "up" button continuously pressed while its moving  only goes to the 3rd floor !    Mmmmm   don't think will use it again , rather walk up !     After settling in, we have gone out to find a restaurant, the hotel is right below the castle so we know the area from our last visit and find one quite close.After dinner   its now just after 10 pm , so we are going to walk down over Charles Bridge and through to  "Old Town Square"  where the Christmas tree and Markets are , we must keep moving as its still 2 hours until midnight and its currently minus 6 degrees!!!

                       On  Charles Bridge , long exposure ghosted out most of the moving people.

 Its really busy already , with fireworks being set of all around  , we have arrived in Old Town Square , here is the view with the Astronomical clock on the corner of the square.

 Its packed with people , with bangers going off all around and there is a rock concert underway on the stage in the far corner.

I am just taking a image of the Fabulous Christmas tree when a couple of big fireworks are set off , and i caught one in my long exposure shot :)

Time to leave here and go back to Charles Bridge i think , getting a bit too crowded here and with bangers being thrown probably Not the safest place to be , even the police have face guards  lol 

                                                                 Mulled wine for Jan :)

Back over the bridge and a quick stop to watch the fireworks that are now being set of with greater frequency in the square we have just left.

Over the bridge and down onto the river side to take a shot of the bridge.   the fog is clearing slightly but that will get worse as the fireworks go off in greater numbers.

 We have decided to stay on the bridge for the display, the castle is shrouded in fog and would not be very visible in my planned location up river on the opposite side .  standing on the bridge people are letting of big fireworks in the distance and from the next bridge down river.

The atmosphere is fantastic ,  bangers going off everywhere and large Chinese lanterns are rising up and Falling from the bridge!   Oops

Its almost midnight , the bridge is completely packed , as is asfar as i can see.    These fireworks are a bit early!

                                                                 " HAPPY NEW YEAR"

                              Load of river cruise boats have moored to watch the displays.

                                                              Fog getting thicker now :(

Fabulous celebrations in Prague , fireworks are being set of as far as we can see .  Leaving the bridge i want to go down by the river and shoot the bridge in the fog and hopefully get a few explosions in the frame too.

                                                                    "Charles Bridge"

                                  A long exposure has caught one of the boats as it passed .
There are people throwing fireworks into the rive next to me , and on the ground less than 6 ft away , have to get out of here , this is not safe!

Its about 2 am now, time to go back to the hotel , its been a very long day.....................

                      Images shot with canon 5dsr & 17-40 L on Gitzo  traveller tripod

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