Monday, 28 November 2011

The English Lake District Nov 7th yewtree tarn and Thirlmere

After leaving Tarn hows i walked down the waterfalls path to the car park which is near Yewtree Tarn, i knew there was not going to be much colour, but did find these ghostly reflections in the tarn which look quite nice :)

Next stop was Deerbolts wood where i stopped off for a few minutes to shoot these shots of the colourful trees!

I then drove over to see Thirlmere,  most of the larch needles had dropped!!!!!!!!!  but driving around the back road i found the late afternoon sun lighting up the water a beautiful colour, so managed to get a few shots.

On the way back to the main road , i noticed the sun lighting up the fell side behind the trees which looked stunning!

                                                       That was the last shot of the lakes trip.

                     Will blog a butterfly trip next,shot in the summer ,   something quite special :)

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