Monday, 20 February 2012

Cym Idwal and Llyn Bochlywd Waterfalls 12 feb 2012

Another trip into the mountains of Snowdonia, and quite an eventful day it turned out to be!!!!!!!!

The weather forecast was for mixed conditions, so i did expect all that was thrown at me!  lol
The starting point today was the bottom of Ogwen valley to firstly climb the Cym Idwal waterfalls up to the lake , then cross over and go up to Llyn Bochlywd which is below the Glyders range of peaks.

                                          But first a shot looking down a misty Lyn Ogwen

And a shot from the road looking up to the waterfalls where i will eventually climb past over in the top left hand corner in this  image!

The first view is about 5 minutes from the car park, taken from a wooden bridge that spans the stream. as you can see the fog was getting quite thick at this point .

and from a little higher up :)

Climbing a bit further i eventually get a great view looking down to Lyn Ogwen. the light is still awful though!!!!!!!

The waterfalls lead all the way up to Cym Idwal which is surrounded by the Devils Kitchen!  there is still plenty of ice around and the fog has closed in over the Kitchen now!

Turning around to view Pen-yr-ole-wen

and back up to the Devils Kitchen in the fog!!!!!

Climbing up to the lake i get my first glimpse of the day of the Devils Kitchen, still misty :)

But just a few minutes later the mist started clearing and i could see blue sky appearing from my right!   looking  good now.

Turning around to view Pen-yr-ole-wen, amazing how fast the weather turns around up here:)

It was now time to cross over the other waterfall section, a much smaller series of falls that i haven't really photographed much before.  here is a view looking back towards the devils Kitchen over to the left hand side. with the Nant Francon valley over to the right of image.

After negotiating a really boggy area i eventually reached the falls section, here are a few of the shots .

and looking down to Pen-yr-ole-wen

Looking up to the bigger falls , and shots of the valley below now!

looking down the Nant Francon valley

climbing up the steep section towards the top where there is a large boulder field that has to be crossed to get to the lake  Llyn Bochlywd, which is at about 2000ft .

The boulder field and bochlywd

Here is the lake, already getting fogged in!!

after a steep climb i was looking down on the lake, but as you can see the fog was getting thicker and very soon i would not be able to see much! , i was going to start going up Tryfan but the weather started closing in fast!

So i decided to make my way back down , as the light was now very poor !

Back down at the lake

just after i shot this, while traversing the boulder field, my foot slipped between 2 large boulders and my leg slid between them, grazed all way up to knee , and then took a few minites to actually prise it out again !!!!!!!!!!!  Blood,pain and swollen, i limped all way back down the mountain!!!!!!!!!!  Argggg

Boulder field!!!!!!!!!! 

On the way down it was really getting darker!

Eventually i made my way back down to where the easy Cym Idwal path turns to go towards idwal, it is a really good path!  lol

The end of a eventful day!

All shots taken with canon 5d2,17-40L

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