Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Beautiful Bee Orchids at RSPB Conwy june 6th 2012

It has been  a few years since i last photographed Bee Orchids, so since the butterfly season is really slow with the weather being so bad a quick decision to visit  RSPB Conwy to see the orchids and the birds:)
Arriving early in the morning , the weather was changeable but the sun was out when i arrived which makes a change this year!  haha
After a quick chat with the very helpful rangers in the visitor centre , i knew exactly where to look for the Bee Orchids. the first spot was just behind the centre on the edge of a field where they had put a sign up :)   in fact i found 5 plants in this spot :)  but only one was good enough to photograph!

A walk around the reserve now, a swan is nesting near to the hide on the first lagoon so that is the first place to start :)  and here she is, what a beauty :)

A walk along the boardwalks through the sedges , loads of sedge warblers were making a lot of noise!  haha , but couldn't get any pics.  but i did find this Drinker moth caterpillar feeding on a sedge stem .

at the end of the boardwalk there is a small pond , hopefully i can find a few damselflies but it is early with the cold weather for them to be emerging.  after a quick search i found one on a wooden handrail of all places , newly emerged this morning as it hasn't coloured up yet.  shot with canon mpe-65 macro lens and focus stacked 3 frames to increase depth of field.

After getting these shots it started raining , not much so i carried on towards the next lagoon hide , passing on the way this view. just love the carved wooden lapwings ,  so i had to shoot a real one:)

into the hide , and my lens limitations are proven, the birds are just too far away for my 70-300mm on full frame , will have to crop alot!!!!!!!    so here is a lapwing.

and after trying without any rewards to shoot swallows & swifts in flight , shot these:)

Time to go and find the other Orchids now , which are on the coastal path on way back to the centre via the estuary.  i pause to shoot the local Canadian family :)  so cute!

more rain on its way by the look of it! 

A view looking at Conwy castle, taken right by the Orchids:)

and now for the Orchids ,  with yellow vetch flowers all around i used them as a beautiful background to show off the Bee Orchids :D

I noticed a broad legged leaf beetle on a daisy nearby , so  took a few high magnification portraits , showing all the pollen covering its head!  haha

and then i found a Drinker moth catt on the ground , so again shot with mpe-65 macro lens, 3 frames focus stacked.

I will finish of with my favourite Orchid image of the day , taken when the sun went behind a cloud. which gave much softer light.

Wonderful morning at RSPB Conwy.

images shot with canon 5d2, 100mm & mpe-65 macro lens & 70-300is


  1. I just scroll through your photos going - beautiful

  2. Swans and baby Canadian Geese stole the show for me but like Tracey... "Wow" kept escaping my lips!

  3. Never yet seen orchids in the wild, fantastic....and what an amazing shot of the insect covered in pollen! well done...

  4. Fantastic shots - they really tell a story (well, several stories really!). Thanks for sharing!

  5. You are such a wonderful photographer Phil. Am catching up on your pix after my break. I find them inspirational.
    Pollen shot is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Phil you are such a wonderful photographer. Am catching up with your blog after my break.
    I find your pix inspirational.
    That pollen shot is amazing.