Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Langdales Twitteratti walk 3 rd march 2013 pt 2

Continuing the Twitteratti  trip ,having just left the summit of Pike o Blisco we are now heading down to find a sheltered spot for a food break , the sky is brightening and i can see blue showing through  yay


The snow is quite patchy here

We have found a nice flatish area out of the wind, a stunning view is a bonus :) 
that's more like it Mol :) 

Having found a good spot ,  Tilly and Molly decide Tanya's food is suitable for them  haha
look at those eyes :)
while everyone eats, i take a series of images of Molly posing with the amazing Langdale backdrop :)

Think this is my favourite composition

What a stunning valley! 
 blue sky makes an appearance just at the right time, although it didn't last long!

a small group photo in front of the langdales .

What a stunning view from here, i shoot a panorama view LARGE

After resting we are now continuing down the steep grassy slopes towards our next target fell Lingmore.
we have come out of most of the snow but the ground underneath is still frozen solid ,very slippery and Gina has just taken a tumble , the look on her face tells us she is in pain :(
We have made it down to the road near to Blea Tarn,  Gina,Tanya,Daxa wait for Dave to fetch the car to take them back,  Jimmy,Andy,Gwyn and myself are continuing the walk heading towards Lingmoor fell.  the cloud has come over and is not looking good for any more views with blue sky :(
we have gone around this big crag , looked very steep to climb over  haha, we are tired already so that's the excuse!
blue sky but in wrong direction :(   shame!
Here is the view back towards Side Pike that we didn't climb up  haha.  superb view even in the dull conditions that have come over, we are now heading to the summit.
looking down on Blea Tarn , looks very grim down there now :(
we have negotiated alot of ice on the paths near the summit , Molly doesn't look exactly happy to reach her second summit of the day, presume she knows that in this light she wont look her best :D
Mollster looking unhappy Awwwww.
Looking back towards Langdale , we are now heading down to Blea Tarn to be picked up by Terry in the van to save us walking back up the wrynose pass to the three shires stone where we parked.
What a fantastic fun Twitteratti walk,   Gina had damaged a ligament in her knee but the good news it is healing well and she can run the london marathon  , Go Gina:)
we always have fun on these walks

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  1. Great pics Phil..Seems like ages ago now..Keep up the good work....jim