Monday, 5 August 2013

Shropshire weekend Ironbridge and Dudmaston hall 17-20 th May 2013

Having organised a long weekend trip with Jan & Chester to Shropshire in the caravan we eventually arrived at the Hideaway camp site in a remote area of Much Wenlock , really beautiful surroundings and a magnificent view of the rolling Shropshire hills.

the first evening we decided to walk the dogs along the Jack Mytton Way towards Much Wenlock .  the path went through the woods, the air was filled with the smell of wild garlic which was everywhere!  the dogs loved rolling in it  haha

There was a superb sunset but disappeared to quickly , in other words I missed it!!!!!!!!!  ARGHHH

The following morning we drove to Iron Bridge , stopping off at museum not far from the iron bridge itself. 

I love the contrast of the old and modern in this image.  the original Abraham Darby furnaces are preserved under the modern building.

                                                         What is R2D2 doing here??????  Haha

Walking to Iron Bridge along the banks of the river severn  , the bridge comes into view.  it always seems smaller than imagined every time I see it 

                    A short walk in the bluebell wood before going to the chippy in the village

                                                               We Want Chips NOW!
after eating we made our way back and took the dogs on a short walk in the evening.
 fighting in the woods  lol
The next morning the sun was out, blue sky and was promising to be a beautiful day
Chester cant wait to get going this morning, we are going to NT property Dudmaston Hall near Bridgenorth.
Its going to be a hot day, perfect for a nice walk around the estate.
its a beautiful lake on this estate.
Molly is barking at a Swan   hehe
and now Ducks :)
Mollster is posing again
it was a great walk around the estate in the sun , Molly and Chester are paddling to cool of a bit
Back at the caravan, the dogs are taking in the wonderful view ...
And a wonderful sunset for the last evening in Shropshire

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