Friday, 4 April 2014

Perch Rock Lighthouse 27th October 2013

For a change i decided to try some lighthouse shots down at Perch Rock at New Brighton , i get down there early enough to shoot as the tide comes in around the breakwater.
i am starting off round the back of the fort just as the waves are coming into the rocks. love the pattern the sky in this image.

Walking around the opposite side i have found this interesting pattern in the sand, the dogs are getting in the way all the time though!

The tide has rushed in quickly so i have moved back around to where i started,   for this image using 1/6 th sec exposure at f20 .

Onto the breakwater now, the sea is coming in very fast over the shallow sand and i have to shoot fast and move back constantly as the waves are coming over the rocks and me!

                                                                             1/2 sec f20

                                   the sky is darkening which is great, giving a moody look
                                                                       1/2 sec f18

                                                                        1/4 sec f18

this is the shot i wanted with the water flowing over all the rocks , and yes my feet got a good soaking   Oooops                     1/2 sec f18

the sky has really darkened and look at the rainbow :)   Mollster is not bothered lol   enjoying the waves now

the wind has increased and with it the waves are crashing big style now :)  this is a crop from a long lens shot

                                                        she has to pose at least once :D

                             Another rainbow behind the lighthouse this time   great stuff!

                       great cloud formations today , looks like heavy rain in the distance now

I need to get a good ND filter to get longer exposure to produce silky smooth water effects , its on my shopping list now :)

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