Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Prague 5 th Jan afternnon/Evening 2015

Continuing our first day in Prague , we have left Old Town Square and are now walking towards the famous Charles Bridge ,which goes over the Vitava river opposite the Lesser Town and Castle district.

Having reached sight of the Old Town Tower ahead of us , we cross the tram lines and this is the view on one side of the pedestrian area entering the bridge.

                                              and the Old Town Tower onto the bridge.

 The view upstream towards the "Legion " bridge , pity the weather is not very good , dull and very cold.

                        Looking towards Prague castle from the Locks railing , as in next image.

                                          "Love locks" similar to the bridge in Paris.

Walking over the 30 m wide Charles Bridge , it is alive with people , loads of small stalls selling pictures and a couple of artists doing caricatures of people :)

                              The Lesser Town Tower is ahead of us at the end of the bridge.

    Cobbled streets as we start the climb up to the castle , loads of gift/glass shops and restaurants along here.

                      We have come to a square , with tram stops and a Starbucks coffee outlet!

                                  Have just walked past this beautiful side street :)      love it

                                             The new "Castle stairs" up towards the castle 

                                                 and looking back down over the city 

                                          This is Hradcanske square in front of the castle

                      a King is waiting to enter the castle :D     he was still there hours later   lol

              cant believe the two guards just stand there motionless in this extreme cold!!!!!!

                                                 Beautiful buildings across the square

                                          this is the first inner courtyard inside the castle

                           and the second with St Vitus Catherdral behind me as in next image

                                                        Magnificent Cathedral isn't it

       It has started snowing quite hard now , and i want to get a few shots looking over the city.

         Petrin hill is in a blizzard by looks of it , the Venicular railway is just visible on the right.

                                                Charles bridge looks very crowded :)

            using a long lens to shoot the bridges in the distance, visibility is getting very low now!

Time to head indoors , we have been given tickets to a audio guided tour of Lobkowicz palace
no photography in here unfortunately...............

After an hour & half in the palace , which was really interesting with paintings, an armoury ect  including Bethoven & Mozarts hand written music scripts.  we come out to clearer Sky's , a walk down the Old steps now .

                Looking up at the terraces across the gardens :)     must look stunning in summer!

                                                        More lovely pavements


                                                                and cobbled streets :D

                           Its starting to get dark now, so me will head back over the bridge ,
                                         just managed to get a speeding tram in this shot :D

 Just past the bridge in the busy narrow street leading to Old Town square  , there is a covered restaurant with heaters , very cosy :)         food and drink before heading to the square.

 After food and a lovely hot chocolate with creme, we head to the square , its still dusk and the x- mass tree looks superb in front of the Tyn Church

                     and the Astronomical clock with light shining of the metal face plates :)

                                  Now its time for the river and illuminated Castle   Yay!

I want to walk around to the left side of Charles bridge, towards the weir to shoot across the river , i have found the spot i want But!   the wind has increased and its sleeting!  Arghhhhhhh    this is going to be very difficult , but i must have a go.

                                        The Castle shot with long lens , after many attempts!    

Now for long exposure shots , think this is going to be hit and miss , the sleet is getting heavier and is blowing directly into the lens.    i am having to wipe the lens after every shot.

    after  twenty minutes of shooting , and moving a few times i have managed these two images , i   couldn't get the weir image i wanted as its too windy to get any reflections, so will try again tomorrow for that.

                                          Panorama of Charles bridge and Prague castle 
                              2 seconds each frame f9 , any longer was getting water spots on lens!

                                                                   view Larger HERE

                          20 seconds f18 for the blured water , and 4 seconds f9 for Bridge/castle
                    longer exposure on castle burnt out the subtle colours on the Palace on the right.

I have given up here , i have done my best and some images  look ok on camera screen. We have moved around to the other side of bridge with a bit of shelter for this last image.

                                             20 seconds f16         2 different exposures merged

                                  That's the last image for tonight , im knackered now!

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