Friday, 29 May 2015

Snowdonia april 5th 2015

A Easter walk up to Cym Idwal seemed a good idea , the weather forecast for the mountains was for sun and blue sky, whereas everywhere else seemed to be under a thick blanket of low cloud.  driving down we where under this thick cloud and i did not think it would be clear in the Ogwen valley, but as we drove out of Bethesda we came through into beautiful blue sky :)   Yay

                    A nice walk in the sunshine up to Cym Idwal with the devils kitchen behind.

                                                     Calm waters , don't see this very often :)

                                             The Terrible Twosome are enjoying paddling .

Just after i take this shot, while crossing the stream on the rock bridge , Mollster decided to pull me off ! i went flying through the air,camera in hand and landed in the stream and fell onto the bank after a few running steps through the water!  Arghhhhhhhh   soaked legs and feet   :(

Having walked up and around the top end of the lake, i stop to shoot Pen-yr s reflection in the mirror calm lake :)

                                   On the path around the lake to head back down now.

                                                            A bit of posing for Mollster

                                                        and a rare pose from Chester :)

                                                                     One more shot :)

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