Monday, 12 September 2016

Amazing Cloud Colour at Perch Rock

 Arriving at Perch Rock in time for sunset i have noticed a big rain storm out towards the windfarm.
using my 400mm lens to fill the frame with the clouds...............

 The cloud has lifted slightly showing the setting suns colour below the falling rain , this could be a cracking shoot and there are no other togs here!

 All breaking up now ,  the small bits of cloud are coming this way    , could be interesting in the next 10-15 mins .

Amazing how its all cleared and broken up ,Here is a long ish exposure taken with 100 -400 mm with Lee little stopper .
All those clouds are heading right for the lighthouse   Yay!

       WOW!     amazing cloud colour now as its illuminated buy the setting sun , it wont last long.
                                          I have shot at 0.5 second to freeze the water spray.

 A little less colour now as i shoot 25 second long exposures to give nice cloud and water smoothing.

and that was the last of any colour , brilliant while it lasted :)

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