Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Aerial images of Snowdonia winter 2017/18

I have now been flying my DJI Phantom 4 pro drone for just over a year now ,   really enjoying the different perspective you get from shooting above the landscape as opposed to normal .  I have been looking forward to shooting some snow covered mountains and eventually Snowdonia got what i had been waiting for.   so here are a selection of my favourite images from the winter.

         Starting off in Ogwen valley, looking at the Glyders and Y-Garn, 2 frame panorama

                                                           Llyn Ogwen panoramas


The maximum height we are legally allowed to fly in uk  is 400 ft above ground level ,  i have found between 80 and 250 ft produces the best combination of height and viewing angle to give the best compositions.      If  i want an image that appears to be shot from a much higher altitude i can shoot multiple frames and merge together to give that impression.  an example will be later in this blog.

I stopped off at Capel Curig on my way towards Snowdon and walked up to the viewpoint , it was quite breezy but i had no trouble with the phantom .

                                                 5 image panorama stitched in Ptgui

                                   Looking towards the Snowdon horseshoe in the distance.

Moving on to Llynnau Mymbyr and as i walked to the viewpoint i instantly knew i was going to get some superb images,  having seen topdown shots of snow covered trees in the past that was one of the images i wanted to get.

Firstly just after take off  , i took an image at low level similar composition i would shoot with my dslr ,   but i couldnt get to this shooting spot to use the normal camera on a tripod.

                                 Up over the lake, getting great reflections in the water.

Now across the lake to shoot above the snow covered trees.


                              Looking down the lake towards Snowdon in the background.

                             A vertical panorama , combined 6 frames in ptgui program for this one.

                 The sun was just starting to illuminate the tree tops as i shot this topdown image.

                                                   Looking back towards Capel Curig.

Now onto a couple of different days shooting  on Snowdon ,     walking along the Pyg track to get some height.

A multi frame topdown merge to appear to be shot from very high up  , this is Llyn Glasslyn with the small streams entering on the shore.

                        6 frame panorama merge looking over the lake Llyn Llydaw

                       A Six frame vertical panorama to finish looking at Snowdon over Llyn Glasslyn

                                           All images shot with dji phantom 4 pro + drone.

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