Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Barcelona last day

The last day in Barcelona, our flight is late tonight so we have most of the day free ,  just around the corner from our hotel is a large park, zoo gardens called Ciutadella Park which we are going to walk around.
Its a warm sunny day , AGAIN !     while its raining back home , Shame.

Walking into the park and around to these open air greenhouses, which are closed.   but in the large tree are loads of those green parrots, all building nests and making alot of noise!

After trying for ages i have managed a half decent image, they are in the shade under the tree canopy making it very difficult to get a decent shot.  even with my 100-400 its still not enough .

The Barcelona Arc de Triomf  is not too far away  , so we are heading that direction.    love these chameleon designs on the pool edge.

Across the main road and  is Passeig de Lluis Companys , a long palm tree lined avenue with the large Arch at the far end,  it is extremely busy being a Sunday.

                                                   The street lamps are very ornate.

                          Almost at the end and there is a large crowd watching a street performer.

                                Fabulous display of acrobatics with a large circular frame.

                                                                      Phone panorama

                                       A very strange modern art sculpture in Ciutadella  park .

                                           Fabulous fountains and a stunning monument.

                                                                Cascada Monumental

There are so many fabulous areas in Barcelona , plenty to see and not enough time to do everything we had intended.


                                                                     Great staircase.

 Love the gold detail

After an icecreme and a rest we have come across this...........     Jan waited her turn to stand next to it.

                                                   Jan and an Wooley Mammoth   lol

                           The pollarded trees line this avenue , the shadows are really interesting.
                               I waited ages to get this image without any people in view , almost!

                                                              Cant take her anywhere!    
                                                          at least she cant reach this time!

On our way out of the park now, heading to the marina for a look around.

                                                                 The Marina of Port Vell

                                                 loads of street traders selling shoes and rugs

                                  Multi million pound boats moored here, side by side.

               Back on our way to meet up with Ellie , passing another great showpiece
                                                            modern art sculpture.

                                                                            The Lobster

                  The Olympic flame we saw earlier this week.  we are meeting Ellie and Pato here.

                                               One of the many side streets with small cafes

 Inside El Born Centre de Cultura i Memoria ,      a museum covering the excavated ruins of a  city from 1700s

                                                      Looking for a quiet street cafe

The end of our short stay in Barcelona ,  we will return as so much we havnt been able to see.

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