Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Prague New Year 2019 pt1

Jan and I are going back to Prague for the New Year again, we last went two years ago when it was really foggy , but a fabulous atmosphere.  We have arrived at our apartment which is near the "Memorial to victims of communism" below Petrin hill  at 7.30 pm, so after a quick unpack we are going out for a walk and to find something to eat.
We are going over the Strelecky ostrov bridge and then along the river towards Charles bridge.

Having made our way along to Charles Bridge, we turn off and head through the streets to get to Old Town Square.  that is where the Christmas markets and Tree are situated.
Here is the world famous Astronomical clock, which has recently been restored. the colours looks fabulous now .

                                         Old Town Square, busy with all the market stalls.

The huge Christmas tree is different from previous years in that it hasn't got the dripping lights all over it .  But it turns out the lights are computer controlled in a pattern sequence to music .

Dinner time now, I remember a small place not far from here ,  I marked it in google maps for future reference.   having found the street there is another restaurant almost next door, so we are trying this one , since I hate food its difficult finding something I will eat!

                                                       Look at the size of this sausage!

                                    We are about 2 floors underground here, looks like a cave.

Back through to the square now and along to Charles bridge to cross the river to go back to our apartment.

                                    I remember these light globes from last time we where here.

                                        Onto Charles bridge, its always busy on here.

The castle and St Vitus Cathedral  looking splendid overlooking the river.  not great picture with the phone though.

The end tower of the bridge,  we turn off left just up the road from here to head along to Petrin park.

The end of our first evening in Prague, tomorrow is New Years Eve, which is going to be a very long day!

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