Saturday, 6 July 2019

Scotland Holiday day 4 Isle of Skye

Its a beautiful sunny morning in Dornie ,  we are now heading for Kyle of Loch Aillse  to cross over onto the Isle of Skye.   But first a quick image of the surrounding mountains and ………..

                                                       …………….. The Castle.

After the short journey up the coast road and over the bridge we have stopped off near the bridge at Kyleakin ,  time to walk along to see the bridge and get a few images.

                  What a great seat , fabulous view and carved wooden heads with charity boxes.

           Look at that sky!  fabulous cloud formations, time to take a short flight out over the Loch.

                                                                            "Take off"

Fabulous view from 200ft, the mountains in the distance add to the image , I think that is the Cuillins

                                                                  A multi frame panorama .

                             Now a 9 frame image looking up the Loch towards Dornie

Meanwhile ,  the Terrible Twosome are waiting patiently.  Well, Mollster is, Chester just barks if he doesn't keep walking after 30 seconds!

After a successful flight, time to walk down past the village to find the castle ruins that are marked on Google maps.  Its a pity the tide is out, these small harbours always look much nicer with water around the boats.

                    A route marker sunk into the ground, what a great idea if you can spot them.

We have finally come to the Ruins of Caisteal Maol  I don't think Mollster is too bothered.

                           Chester joins in , that's about as good a pose possible from him .

A phone panorama showing the old boats , time to get a quick drone flight in to see the views from above.

                                  The castle ruins with the Skye bridge in the background.


                                                             A 6 frame vertorama

                                                              Topdown over the boat.

                                               Another view looking up the Loch.

                                                                   Loch Alsh panorama

                             Hand catching , safer than trying to land on uneven ground.

Time to move on now, we are heading to Broadford and the supermarket to stock up with food, then driving up past Portree towards the Old Man of Storr.  We are planning to stay in the car park overnight so will take a look first and continue up the road to view the waterfalls at Lealt and Kilt rock first.

After just over an hour and a quarter driving through amazing coastline and around the Lochs we have past the Storr car park, which was completely full and the road side parking also very busy and arrived at Lealt falls viewpoint.
Here is our first view of the Storr, taken through the windscreen on the main road.

 There is a platform built to view the top waterfall but cannot actually see much,  we take the path around the headland to the left and it gives a much better view, even though its further away.  As its quiet I will take the drone up and fly up the valley to get a closer view.

I have a good clear view up the ravine to the waterfalls,  but it is still a bit tricky knowing how close to the trees and rocks either side. Although there is probably quite a good distance on either side.  this is a 5 frame Vertorama, and I have cropped in to see the falls better.   Pity there is not much water.

                      Flying out over the sea to take an image looking back at the magnificent cliffs.

We drove up to Kilt rock falls, where the water falls a couple hundred feet into the sea, but there was no water flowing , Bummer.     So its back to find a parking spot at Storr now for the evening.

We got lucky and managed to get a good spot at the back of the car park , its fairly quiet now and  I am going to take a walk up towards the Old Man of Storr just to see how far it is, I will be getting up at silly o clock to shoot sunrise tomorrow.

About half way up ,  it will take about 40 - 50 minutes I think to get up to the Storr in the morning.

The sun is setting, but there is too much cloud for any colour tonight , and I think tomorrow might be the same unfortunately.

The setting sun is producing a small amount of colour and rays over the loch, a nice piece of deadwood makes a good foreground for this image.

After making my way back down to the van , at 9.40 there is some colour appearing in the sky behind us over to the right over Loch Leathan    , as soon as I get out of the van the midges are all over me , dam things!   and this is just the start of the season.       this is a 9 frame panorama .

The end of our first day on Skye , I will be up early to climb up to the Old Man for sunrise...…..

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