Monday, 12 August 2019

Scotland Holiday day 6 Neist point , Dornie and Eilean Donan castle

It is early morning at Neist Point where we have stayed the night, with a fabulous view from the van.    We are going to walk to the lighthouse this morning for a look around before heading back off the island back to Dornie , the weather forecast isn't looking good for tomorrow so may stay there all day.

                           The towering cliffs of this peninsular on the way to the lighthouse.

                                                         Moll isn't impressed, no beach!

        Up over the top now, its really warm already, don't think we need these fleeces on!    but it was fairly breezy up on the headland when we left the van.

                                                                      Almost there.

                                           a close up of the light , using 100-400 mm lens

                                                                   Jan's image    lol

                           Early morning light on the cliff side as we make our way back .

Now its time for the long drive back down the single track road and over the Skye bridge back to Dornie , and the same campsite we stayed at on the way couple of days ago.
                                All set up and off for a short walk up to the castle viewpoint.

Along the shore line, passed a sign warning of chickens,  which we thought Mollster would go for, when in fact she appears to be actually scared of them and has kept well away from!  
                                         Afraid of Chickens!   I'm ashamed of my dog !

                                        The village of Dornie viewed from the road bridge.

Crossing the bridge we have turned left to walk up to the viewpoint , the sun is almost directly in front of the view so taking any images will be pointless, but I have shot this one.

A quick shot of this cottage on the way back to the van.  after dinner I will go out for sunset, firstly to see if I can get some nice light on the castle from over the bay before going round to the castle car park like the previous visit earlier in the week.

Sunset time,   I am set up opposite the castle with the sun setting behind me, using the 100=400mm L lens on 5dsr.    This is the best image I have taken, it didn't really light up as I had hoped.

Walking over the bridge heading for the castle there are some great looking clouds heading in this direction , very unusual shape .    I hope they will still be there as the sun setts and will colour up.

I have got the drone up as soon as I reached the castle, the clouds have already turned colour with the low sun and even though its fairly windy high up its no problem for the phantom.

          This is a 5 frame Vertorama , good reflections in the water and the clouds are spectacular.

The sky to my left down over the Loch has coloured up nicely, so flying around the castle and behind it to take this 5 frame Vertorama,  its quite windy up there so I have brought it down lower on this side of the castle where its more sheltered.

Another two images as the clouds slowly move towards me, unfortunately behind them its completely clear so there will be no more colour.

The castle lights are on now as its dusk,   the sun has set and I will make my way back now but will try and get a couple of shots as it gets darker and all lit up.

                                  5dsr and 100=400mmL shot from just before the bridge.

As I am walking over the bridge, the blue hour is living up to its name, the sky is looking great with the moon shining through breaks in the cloud,  time to stop off near the bridge opposite to get a few images.
                                                                      20 seconds  f11

                   This is one , if not my favourite image I have taken this week in Scotland.

The end of another great day in Scotland...………………..

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