Monday, 27 January 2020

Marchlyn Mawr & Llanberis Jan 19/20 th 2020

My first trip out this year , a walk up to Marchlyn mawr reservoir in the mountains near to Dinowig , Llanberis.     The weather is looking very nice, clear blue sky and very light winds, which is not good for photography though!
Parking up with the route straight up the road ,which goes directly up to the reservoir. It is a steady climb all the way.

               There is not much snow on the tops , it has been a very warm winter so far.

A great view across to Anglesey, I can see Penmon point lighthouse over to the far right , and Newborough and Llanddwyn island over to the far left in the distance.  Holyhead mountain is also clearly visible in the distance.

                                          Lovely light down there, but not up here unfortunately.

 Having reached the reservoir, a quick phone pic and now time to get the drone in the air for a few images.

                     All  9 frame panoramas  from the maximum height allowed which is 400 ft

                Time to walk back down now, there are no more compositions to be shot here.
The next day I have brought the Terrible Twosome out with me, Ozzy pup needs a slightly longer walk now he is 5 months old and growing fast .   A walk along to Dinorwig quarry early in the morning .
Both posing fairly nicely , it will take time to get him to pose like Mol did, but he is doing  pretty good already .

                   A 3 frame hdr merge of the old quarry buildings high up on the slate mountain.

This quarry must have been amazing when actually in use, there are disused buildings everywhere dotted around the mountains .

Leaving the Quarry, I have driven around to Llanberis and stopped of at Dolbadarn castle .There is quite a lot of cloud building up over the mountains on my right approaching this direction, so I need to get the drone up quickly as there is a clearing of the clouds which may allow the sun to break through to illuminate the castle.
After a couple of minutes the sun did exactly what I wanted ,  I managed just two sets of frames for these 2 Vertorama images before the light went .   perfect .

                                                                  5 frames merged

                                                                   6 frames merged

Time to move on , and just down the road near the bottom of Nant Peris I have stopped to take this panorama image of the lovely light on the mountains.

            Now to give the boys a run,  stopping of on the beach on the way home ,  happy pups.

The end of a couple nice days out …………………..

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