Thursday, 19 January 2012

Helvellyn 16/1/12 Cloud inversion

The weather forecast was for a sunny blue sky day !    at last.  so i decided with the cold frosty nights that the conditions were looking good for cloud inversions in the English lake district.  so the plan was to climb up to the summit of Helvellyn 3117 ft   .
  i asked Pete if he wanted to come, NOT A CHANCE was the reply!  Haha
Having arrived at Thirlmere swirls car park, not a single car was there!   clear blue sky , no sign of a cloud inversion, BUT  a heavy frost covered the ground that did not clear all day!

    Note all images shot hand held as wind was too strong to stand upright, let alone use a tripod!  Haha

          I started climbing up the Helvellyn Gill track.  looking back to Thirlmere took this shot.  Frosty!

Turning around to look up the Gill!

Climbing up the steep icy rocky path i was rewarded with better views looking down on Thirlmere and Raven crag , the rocky outcrop over to the left in the image!

Upon gaining height rapidly i noticed the clouds building over to the left down the lake,  i took this shot with 70-300 is 

From this point the path steeply climbs up to Browncove crags. Sorry for rubbish pic!  lol
I'm heading to the top!!

 From near the top, a Cairn with a great view!

 From this point the rocky outcrop of Browncove crags became evident!  steep!

Turning around the corner i get a view over to the far fells behind Thirlmere, and the beginning of a cloud inversion!  Ya !

Another Cairn near the top of Browncove crag!   who builds these?  Great view!

Over the top of Browncove Crags i got my first view of the cloud inversion, and the sideways wind that nearly blew me over!!!!   More than once!  it was at this point i was thinking "WTF" am i doing here today!!!!

It was really blowing all the way across the top plateau to the summit !

But look at the view!  Wow! 

From this point the path levels out along a plateau towards the summit of Helvellyn :)
But in very strong winds it was difficult staying on my feet!  Lol
Yes it was very cold but didn't feel it.

Finally yet another summit Cairn :)   with cloud inversion behind!  Ya!

Like standing on top of the world above the clouds !  WOW!

And turning around to look at the way i have just walked! it appears to be beautiful weather conditions , BUT  wasn't actually!  with a lone walker in red! Haha

A panorama shot taken from nearer the summit!

                        Looking over to left from this image gave a good view of the cloud inversion .

A little further walk towards the summit trig point , yet another cairn!  (Pile of rocks! )
Cloud inversion! A truly amazing site to see!

I Finally got to the Trig point after about 2 hours 10 mins ish  Ya!  turning around looking down Ullswater  , a clear view for miles!

And Looking to the right !  A good view of "High Street" the long straight mountain range in the centre of the image which has a roman road across the top!!!!

Turning to the right once more, a view of  Fairfield (i think)  inside the cloud inversion!

and a view of Nethermost pike

After a 15 minute rest in the shelter out of the wind, along with 5 other mad people and 2 dogs! Haha !  my fingers were starting to get very cold! could not move them actually!!!!!!!!!!
 so much for neoprene thermal gloves!!!!!!!! 
The fell top assessor recorded   -11.9 degrees windchill and 39mph wind speed at 11.30am LOL
Having filled my memory card AND finding no spare! ARGH!!!!
i managed to delete enough frames to shoot a series of panoramas , Extremely hard shooting these  handheld in very strong wind!  so they are not aligned as well as they should have been if tripod used!
  l to r  , Swirral edge and Catstye Cam  ,Ullswater,Highstreet,Fairfield,Nevermost/Dollywagon pikes.just !

Nevermost pike

                                                                         Click for large size  

                                                         Looking back towards the trig point!
                                                                          Click for large size

                                     What a morning i had,  amazing views and a great hard walk ! 
    cant wait to get up in the mountains again!  makes a great change from shooting macro all the time!
                                                               Snowdon next week perhaps :)

                                       One last view of Thirlmere from the top of Browncove crags!
   before the long hard decent down the icy path!!!!!! a few more people climbing up the steep path now!
                                   Total trip time 3 hrs 29 mins , 4.87 miles, max height gained 3117 ft

                               I will say again!   Cant wait to climb the mountains again!  Haha

                                         All images shot with canon 5d2 and 17-40L  + 70-300is

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