Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Springtail Madness jan 22nd

On Sunday i had another go at finding springtails in the garden,  i have a dead cordalyne and the bark is falling off , which makes a good hiding place for springtails :)
They like the damp conditions under the bark, so i just place a piece on the stone patio steps and wait for a few to "jump" off, then i can shoot them as they walk along the edge of the step!

The first one i found was the common species   Dicyrtomina saundersi ,a largish species up to about 3mm in length.  Shot with canon 5d2 and mpe at x5 mag , and cropped a bit!

After shooting this one, before it jumped somewhere!  LOL  i suddenly noticed a much smaller one, i initially thought it was just a smaller D saundersi  but when viewed through the mpe it appeared to have different coloured eyes!      i have since found out it is a recently found species in the uk , originating from New Zealand!   Calvatomina nr superba  ,  quite a small species , about 1.5 mm this individual specimen.

Note the black eye spots in the centre of a coloured eye patch!  again shot with mpe at x5 mag on full frame 5d2.

The next one i found was a quite large D Saundersi, but was tucked into a piece of wood bark, so this is the best angle i could get!

Later in the afternoon i went out to find some more, and found a new species that i haven't found in the garden before,  D minuta.  and this was a very small young one that apparently had just shed its skin!

Shot with 5d2 mpe @ x5 mag  as shot!  note the old skin shed!

it was so small i had to go and get my 450d crop sensor body to shoot with!

here is same springtail shot with 450d crop sensor @x5 mag  as shot, showing difference between full frame and crop sensor in magnification!!!!!!!!

and a cropped shot from the above image,  isn't it CUTE!   Haha

I then managed to find a quite large D saundersi , about 2mm  :),  it was shot as it walked along the top edge of stone step, so i could get a low shooting angle.  5d2, mpe @x5 mag  and cropped!

all shot with canon 5d2,450d and mpe-65 at x5 mag.

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