Sunday, 25 March 2012

First day of summertime! Bugs and Butterflys at last march 25 2012

Today is the first day of bst, clock went forword an hour, the sun was shining and it was Hot!!!!!!!!

So off i went , firstly to Moore nature reserve at Warrington .  hoping to see butterflies for first time this year, but just being out on such a wonderful day was enough!
first up, a Wolf spider!  i very rarely shoot these, dont know why as they are so interesting.  shot at x3 magnification with mpe-65 macro lens

I then soon afterwards spotted my first butterfly of the year, a Peacock , very ragged specimen so not worth shooting!   a single Speckled wood was seen also but didn't land !
Nothing else to be seen i made my way over to the second nature reserve,  Rixton clay pits which i knew would give more photo opportunities :)
15 minutes later i arrived and almost straight away saw 3 Peacocks Yay!    any way first image was to be a Fly, yes very common but at this time of year anything will do lol

and a zebra jumper, love shooting these , but so fast !

The resident pair of Buzzards were very active in the thermals today, fighting with the crows at one point!  managed this shot with my 300mm. not great though!

Any how, back to the bugs! 

an alder fly , not the greatest pic, but good to see different species at last after the winter!

I soon found loads of Peacocks feeding high up in the sallow catkins, great to get good colour into the background for a change on a butterfly shot :)  shot with 70-300 is   and cropped a bit .

          My first butterfly image of the year,:))))  very good condition for an overwintered butterfly!

in all i saw 21 Peacocks at Rixton, along with a single flying Brimstone. Love the light in this image!

On the wooden fence rail i found this tiny Weevil!  shot at x4.5 mag, 4 frames focus stacked to increase dof.

and finally another Peacock image to finish off a really great day!   Really enjoyed being out today in the sun.  Saw great crested newts, kestral,buzard,long tailed , coal , great tits, chaffinch and a lesser spotted woodpecker among other things:D

                               all images shot with canon 5d2, mpe-65 & 70-300 is f5.6

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