Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fairburn Kingfisher 21st march 2012

For a change i decided to visit a new reserve, Fairburn in Yorkshire.  Hopefully to see the resident Kingfishers.  i knew i didn't have a lens long enough to be able to shoot the birds but would try anyhow:)
after a 2 hour drive i arrived at about 10.30 am, had a look around the visitor centre and was shown where to look for different species.
A walk around past the feeders i spotted loads of Goldfinches and other common small birds but carried on to the Kingfisher screen, where a purpose built wooden screen prevents the birds from being disturbed. the small stream has a sluice about 30 ft from the screen , too far away for my 300mm to get a decent image size!   But no sign of the Kingfishers:(
I carried on walking around the reserve past one of the big lakes but apart from a g c grebe very little was to be seen!   On return to the screen almost immediately the kingfisher was there fishing, and i spent nearly 3 hours watching him catching fish and then proceed to bash the poor unfortunate fish to death before being swallowed!
These are the best shots i got , all 100% crops unfortunately!

Here is a video i shot , not too good and very bad sound from lens "is" unfortunately:(

Afterwards i went looking for tree creeper that had been seen by one of the hides , managed a brief glimpse only and no chance of an image!    but then i was shown where to see Bank Voles on the boardwalk, and managed these few shots , also with 70-300 is lens.

 They were the last shots of the day,  but was really great to watch the Kingfisher feeding all afternoon:)   i did see a stoat or weasel but could only get a poor shot!

                                      All images taken with canon 5d2 and 70-300is f5.6

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