Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ogwen Valley Cym Idwal in snow pt2 march 29th 2013

After photographing the snow and ice on Llyn Ogwen  HERE I have just collected Mollster out of the car to climb up the Idwal path

                                                         this way she is thinking!   haha

the Idwal waterfall near the bottom of the path is frozen over and covered in snow, it has been a few years since its been like this with the winters being a little warmer for last 2 years.

We are heading up the main path , Mollster is posing again , it does appear to be turning into a lovely day with loads blue sky and sun!  perfect for snowy mountains.

there are some significant snow drifts the higher up we are getting, a strong wind must have driven the snow here!

                                              whats in here then???????????????     haha

This snow bank must be at least 6-8 ft , Pen -yr -ole-wen in the background, not much snow up there!

   Panorama with Pen -yr-ole -wen on the left and Tryfan over to the right.         View larger HERE

The Glyders with the Devils Kitchen curving around Cym Idwal with the outfall , which flows all the way down the waterfalls towards Ogwen  and then down Nant Francon valley.

 A Superb view across the partly frozen lake , Mol is looking puzzled why I'm shouting at her to move!   always getting in the way aren't you Mollster?

                                                   That's better , she got out of the way

                                                           a simply  Stunning view

heading around the right hand side of Cym Idwal there are great snowdrifts with flowing patterns where the wind has blown the snow

                    Molly is enjoying digging  haha , must be something down there that smells nice

                                                           Yes the snow is Deep Mol!   

          as we come to the lakes frozen edge , there are strange ice sculptures rising out of the snow!

looks like 2 parallel lines of ice sculptures here , with the curved lines on the frozen lakes surface to mirror them :)

continuing around the lake to start climbing a bit higher, the views will open out but not sure how high we will be able to climb today.

               the ice sculptures make a good wavy lead in to this image looking at Pen-yr -ole-wen

                     yip!   shes at it again, bless her :D     She must know that her picture is being taken.

                                                              the trip continues in part 3

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