Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Snowdon Pyg track pt2 March 18th 2013

Continuing the walk along the Pyg track, the snow is quite deep, glistening in the warm sunlight. Molly is really enjoying herself,eating loads of snow and ploughing through the deep drifts.
of course she is posing a lot as per usual :D

Really thick dark cloud has been building but luckily it has gone around the back of snowdon , gives a good contrast to the snow in this image.


                                       Mollster has found another posing platform  haha

the views are amazing today from up here, looking down on the lakes that we walked around earlier this year in the snow.  HERE

                           this small stream leads nicely into the image, I like this composition.

the path is clearly visible where other walkers have been today already, if we get any more snow it will not be easy to negotiate this path!

          I love how the snow looks like it has been folded over the landscape like marzipan :D

         She is loving this ,  pity I didn't get a pic of her falling in this stream a few minutes ago!

       we are heading up to the high viewpoint overlooking Glaslyn now , with Snowdon behind. still a way to go, but it is a lovely morning and walking in the snow with sunny skies is always great

         the dramatic dark sky does look good , Molly is ploughing through the deep snow again.

                 Yay!    posing again Mol. she struggled to get up on this one in the snow    haha

                     come on Mol, I'm waiting for you now!  blue sky appearing again :)

             we have just stopped for a photo shoot, wonderful background for her to pose against!

                                                                 the trip continues in part 3

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  1. I think Mol gets cuter by the blog. Amazing thick snow. I also like the way the stream seems to slice through the snow. poor Mol - I hope she wasn't cold!