Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cym Idwal in the snow pt 3 march 29th 2013

Continuing the trip, we are walking around Cym Idwal now, the views are stunning today, I am going to see how high up I can get with Mollster to shoot the views down the valley looking at Pen-yr -ole-wen .

taking the path that leads up around the devils kitchen , the patterns in the ice on the lake are very interesting

                                              and the wind blown snow in all the heather

coming around a corner in the path this is what is in front of us!!!!!!!   Moll just stares at them, she is on her lead to cant get to them.

literally 30 ft in front , a mother and Kid :)       looking up to the right loads of them are staring at us!    well at Molly more likely   Haha

                                                 looks like he has been digging  lol


after shooting the Goats i am heading up high now , its a bit slippery and icy!  really need spikes but will continue onwards.

                                                                 getting a good view now :)

                                      Mollster looking at the view down the path :D

This is as high as i can go, its just too icy without spikes to risk getting any higher.  so i have headed back down and Mollster has found a beautiful piece of undisturbed snow :)

                                                                    posing again  Mol ?

i am heading back down the path and will shoot the frozen waterfall again and then walk over to look down on Llyn Ogwen from the slopes of Tryfan.

                                                Llyn Ogwen which is half frozen.

                                                                            "What a poser"

                   looking at the waterfall below the wooden bridge, not much water showing!

 love the textures in the wind swept snow :)    not many people have walked over here yet since the snow fall.

the view back towards Y-Garn is fabulous today , and looking up at Tryfan ..........

the steep slopes here below Tryfan have been open to the wind and it looks like all the snow has been blown sideways..

                               Are we going home soon, I'm getting cold!  ??????????????

                                                         more interesting patterns in the snow

Mol poses for a couple more images with the stunning backdrop of the snow covered mountains and Llyn Ogwen

the end of a fantastic day in the snow, its amazing to see more snow now at the end of March than the over all the winter!.

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