Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ogwen valley in Yet more snow 2nd April 2013 pt1

With deep snow still in north wales i decided to go back for another walk with Mollster, have to make the most of it after all.   i am going to the same area as two days ago but will take a slightly different route heading up the Y-Garn path .
I have stopped to photograph the Idwal waterfall before setting off up into the mountains , it is only 5 Min's walk from the car park .

                                              and a closer view of the frozen falls ........

    Molly has found a big hole carved into the deep snow, amazing how much fell in this area at this time of the year!              The sun is lighting up the mountain range in the distance.

Heading up to Cym Idwal quickly, Molly gets in the way of a nice shot again....................................

                                                                      That's better............

   An image looking across the Idwal outfall ,interesting patterns in the icy water,i am now heading round the lake to climb up the dark ridge on left side of the image below.

                                     Moll is rolling in the snow, must cool her down a lot 

leaving the lake behind now and starting to climb a bit higher, the weather is superb yet again, which makes a change after snowfall.

                                      "come on, this way" Mol is thinking.....

                                         What a stunning view down the Ogwen valley

                                              that's right Mol, climb up and pose for me :)

                                                     HAHA   are you tired Mol?

               she has just heard or seen something and is standing to attention. i cant see anything  lol

its clouding over in parts, Tryfan summit is in the cloud now centre of image. the sun is lighting up the valley now

                   Mollster is flicking snow everywhere   , really enjoying herself

                                                                   Posing again ...........

                                          i love the way the light is raking the valley floor

 more blue sky has come over and Mol poses beautifully , think this is my fav image of the morning, we are going back down to the lake again now for the afternoon

                                                          Where we going now Dad???

                                                          the day continues in part 2

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  1. Fabulous photos, Phil - nearly as good as being there (but warmer and less challenging!). Mollster a complete star as ever! :-)