Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cornwall Holiday pt 2 Charlestown july 6th

We have spent 2 days in Burnham -on-sea as a stop over on the way down to Cornwall HERE  , it is early Saturday morning and we are on our way down to the camp site near St Austell. its been a trouble free journey all the way and have arrived at the Tremarne site early afternoon.  the weather is getting very warm , forecast hot all week and is already 24 dgrees with clear blue skies.  after setting up the caravan and awnings we decide to go to Charlestown harbour this evening which is not too far away.

Arriving at the small harbour the beautiful tall ship  looks amazing against the clear blue sky, its still very warm and a lovely evening to go for our first walk in Cornwall.

walking onto the harbour wall Mollster and Chester want to go on the small shingle beach, but a sign says "no dogs"    try explaining that to them after they have spent hours in the car all day!   and can see the sea!

Its a stunning harbour, a few kids are jumping off the wall into the sea right next to a warning sign saying "NO JUMPING INTO HARBOUR"  Haha   pity I didn't get a pic!

We have made our way around to the far side of the harbour and are taking the coastal path heading towards Carylon bay.  the dogs are on long leads and are way ahead of us.

      Once we are up on the main path the views are superb, think I am going to like Cornwall :D
this is a lovely path, loads of unusual palm type trees and shrubs and some stunning houses overlooking the sea :)

  Mollster is posing for me , I think she has just spotted a rabbit actually, there are quite a few I have seen already lying in the warm evening sun.  must be careful as quite a few dogs fall of the cliffs around Devon and Cornwall every year chasing Rabbits!

      I have just taken the panorama with my new HTC ONE phone which I got last week, not too bad

                                                A Mollster portrait in the evening sun.

The sun is setting now so we are making our way back now, Carlyon bay is not dog friendly and was a hundred odd steps to get down to the beach so not worth the effort!  lol

One last shot of the ship in the harbour
 on the way back .
So our holiday starts properly tomorrow, and its forecast to be 28 dgrees   Yay!
a day on the beach with the dogs hopefully learning to swim, and overcome Molly's fear of water!
images taken with canon 5d mk2 17-40L & HTC one mobi

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