Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Castle Hill Budapest pt3 6th january 2014

Continuing our final day in Budapest on castle hill , pt2 HERE , after having dinner the sun is starting to set,  the colour of the setting sun is turning the buildings a glorious colour :)

                                                               The Mathius church

 standing on the Fishermans bastion wall watching the buildings turn colour and finally into shade as the sun sets behind us :)

After a quick drink in a small cafe all the flood lights are on now, i have framed the Bastions battlements through this arch over the staircase.

                                                             the moon is out now :)

 Looking up towards the Chain bridge and  Buda castle on the right with the Citidel in the distance high up on the hill.   pity we never had time to go up there, maybe next time :)

                                                                   Moon above the Spire

  One last image of the Fishermans Bastion we are going to head back to Buda castle above the venicular railway and our way back down.

                                              We are now under Buda castle all lit up :)

                                                       The Moon is following us  lol

                    The chain bridge from the top of venicular railway and St Stephens Basillica

                                   Superb view from up here looking down the Danube

                                                 a final Panorama from a beautiful city :)

Goodbye Budapest , its been a superb short break for my birthday. hope to return again some day hopefully.

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