Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Long Exposures at Perch Rock Lighthouse Jan 20th 2014

I have been longing to try out my new 10 stop nd filter again since coming back from Budapest , the high tide is about mid day at Perch Rock on the Wirral peninsula so I'm am heading down there with Mollster.

Arriving with plenty of time before the tide comes up to the breakwater , the sky is dark and brooding over towards  Liverpool side of the estuary, but the sun is out and lighting up the ripples in the sand :)

Around the other side of the lighthouse the tide comes in first through the rock pools, Mollster is playing on the sand while the water is getting higher up the beach.

Moving onto the breakwater to set up the tripod so i can start practicing with exposure times , i have shot this portrait view before better.  but i got soaked  lol

                                                                      81 seconds @f18

                                                 Moving to the centre of the breakwater

                                                                  71 seconds @f16

                                                                    76 seconds @f16

a simple composition without the lighthouse , just with the curve of the breakwater stones peaking above the water :)
                                                                      76 seconds @ f16

                       that was a good try out of the Tiffen 10 stop nd filter , must try again soon :)

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