Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Bosherton Lily Ponds Pembrokeshire holiday 19 th june 2014

Today we are going for a walk around Bosherton Lily ponds , which is adjacent to Broad Haven South beach.
After a short journey we arrive at the National Trust car park at Bosherton , a couple of minutes walk and we see our first view of the famous lily ponds!     which are huge.

            Boardwalks have been constructed over the pools , Mol is very nervous walking over anything like this!  The water is crystal clear and i can see loads of fish, and a couple of southern hawker dragonflies are hunting :)

 The path goes through a wooded area and we have come out high above , what a superb view from up here :)  the pools stretch as far as we can see in both directions!       
 its getting very warm now in the hot sun :)    another great day to be out walking .

 Continuing on following a map we picked up somewhere, the path follows right up the valley to the ruins of a large house that this estate was built around a very long time ago.
Any how we come to another Boadwalk , 4 people and one labrador are walking towards us over this "Narrow" boadwalk, so we obviously wait for them before crossing ourselves , the "Terrible twosome" which are on leads go down for a drink while we are waiting.

Then!   just as the lady with a labrador comes to the end of boadwalk ,
 a "southerner" barges past us , shouting "get those bloody dogs out of the way"  , i shout back  "we are waiting for people on the walkway,  and stop all the swearing"  Jan has just shouted at him also!

I have just recieved a load of verbal abuse back!!!!!!!!!!!!!  "thats not swearing" he shouts!
    KNOB Head, do you want to get pushed in? i reply , as the other people on the bridge get knocked out of the way as he storms off , and Replys "you would be in court monday if you do! "

What at total arsehole!  the other people are standing at the end of the boardwalk laughing at him , they cant believe his attitude!

after all that excitement we carry on our walk :)

Eventually we come to a split in the path , the right path continues around this arm of the pools which would take a long time to go all the way around and we still have to go the the beach later so we have decided to carry straight on.

A couple of people that over took us a just after the incident with the "Knob", have just stopped to talk to us on their way back , one asked if we had seen him again , Jan says "Look there he is" pointing to the middle of a liliy pond :D   after much laughter we carry on walking.

              The path follows the pond and we have just seen our first glimpse of the arch bridge :)

        Having reached the bridge we decide not to go any further and make our way back to the car.

         Jan is waiting for me on the boardwalk , Mol is still very nervous on bridges and similar :(

After getting back to the car we have driven round the corner to get an ice creme , while i wait in the car , the car alarm suddenly goes off!   I'm fiddling & pressing buttons trying to turn it off! Argggggggg
After consuming ice creme we arrive at  Broad haven south beach , the tide is  out and its a really warm early evening.  time to cool off the terrible twosome now :)

                                                 Posing with "Church Rock" behind her

                                                               Getting very wet now :)

                       its amazing how quiet everywhere is down here , a huge empty beach!

                                                        Awwww poor Mol :(       hehe

                                                            Not time to go Already?

                                                                        A Last look :(

                                              The end of another great day in Pembrokeshire

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