Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pembrokeshire holiday Tenby 20th june 2014

Today i am going in search of Marsh Fritillaries , i have never seen one and there is a very good butterfly conservation reserve not too far away called Caeau Ffos Fach  which even though a bit late in the flying season for them i have got to at least go and have a look . a few where seen last week so its worth a look .

After arriving ,  Jan has stayed in the car with the dogs while i go for a hunt. Finding my way into the reserve, which as it happens , has been quite difficult as the entrance style is very overgrown with brambles!     there are Skippers all over the place , and .......

 a few Burnett moths feeding on the thistle flowers But  No fritillaries :(    i have explored 3 fields and not a sign of one !

 As i walk near the edge of the last field a dragon flies past , a Golden Ringed   Yay.    i chase after it and manage this one image before it disappears off across the hedge!   They are stunning Dragons :)

              Just as i get to the fence near the entrance i spot this Snipe fly :)   lovely light on it!

 We have now driven to Tenby to have a look around and then go down onto the beach later this evening to tire out the Terrible Twosome :)

 Love the multi coloured buildings around the harbour , all in pastel colours looking clean and bright.

 Walking around the Harbour wall towards the old lifeboat station which is a private residence now.
Dogs are banned on the beaches this side of the headland unfortunately :(

              We can see the new lifeboat building from here on the right hand side next to the old one.

Further around the small headland  we come to a view of  St Catherines Island and a charter boat that ferry's visitors out to Caldey Island which we could see from the other end of the beach,on our first  evenings walk from Pennaly.

                                       Love the Palms along the coastal walk way .

                      While walking along the beautiful narrow streets  , and buying Fudge :)

 Down onto the beach now, its deserted almost! ,   a panorama shot showing the promenade buildings above south beach, where dogs cant go :(

                                                                     Swimming time :)

                                                            Chester is along way out!

                                                         Stupid Chester rolling in the sand!

            Good girl Mol :D   they are both swimming well in the calm shallow water :)

                                                                   Time to go now !

                           Its been a lovely warm evening and the dogs are now worn out :)
                           only one more full day left of our holiday left now unfortunately

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