Thursday, 26 March 2015

Formby Red Squirrels and Beach 23 march 2015

Today we are going to see the Red Squirrels at Formby Point nature reserve . Arriving in Formby early afternoon with sunny conditions after a very gloomy start to the day , we park up and after a spot of lunch head out with the "Terrible Twosome" to go around the Squirrel walk in search of the Reds :)       not to sure if its a good idea to take Mol, even on a lead she may scare them off!!!!!!!! 

Heading into the wood , i have spotted a photographer watching a Red just to the right in deep shade, no chance of getting pics of that one, so we are taking the left hand path.

                                                              There's one!     Trying to hide   lol

 Coming to a bend, the sun is getting through the trees in isolated areas, and there appears to be 3 or 4 Red Squirrels looking for food here.

                            At last one has sat down in the sun to eat a seed or something :)
 Jan keeps hold of the dogs while i shoot the squirrels ,   amazingly Mol hasn't tried to get at them!

                                                 A Portrait , cropped from the frame below.
                                                                      Soooo Cute :)

                                                                  Love their tufts :D

 They have moved into the shade, so we keep walking , pity there are not any in the sun on this mound beneath the trees , would be a good place to photograph them .

 Not a sign of any more, so back to the car with the dogs before going back to the first location. unfortunately the ground is now being shaded by the trees and its going to be difficult to get any more decent images i feel.

                                      One has come quite close and this is my last image.

 Time to take the beasts down onto the beach now , it has turned into a lovely afternoon with warm sun and clear blue skies :)       might get a decent sun set tonight!

                                               Through the sand dunes onto the beach......

                                                 Look a Chester , Mad spanner!!!!    lol

                                                     Whats with the tongue Mol ????? 

                                                                              "Mad Eyes"


                                                          Oooops   look at Chester!   Haha

                                                              Mollster is a bit sandy also :)

Its time to leave now ,  Next stop is Crosby beach , to hopefully shoot sunset around the Antony Gormleys "Another Place" beach sculptures.

Continued in next blog............

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