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Aberglaslyn Gorge Nov 2 nd 2014

After another reasonable week of weather the tree colours should be looking great now , so another trip to Aberglaslyn  i think today.   The mountain forecast is again changeable, with periods of  blue sky and heavy rain showers.
 Driving along the Nant Ffrancon valley i stop off at Ogwen Bank to take a look at the falls ,its a bit dreary looking down the valley...........

                                                         But the falls are looking great :)

Heading back to the car i notice the sun lighting up one of the trees along the stream down in the valley , shooting with long lens to get this shot .

                              Now to drive down past Snowdon and Beddgelert to the Gorge.
As i walk down to the river through the woods, the sun breaks through with patches of blue sky  Yay!
                           I walk onto the road bridge that crosses the river , wow   great colours

        Setting up the tripod , and dodging traffic crossing the narrow bridge, i firstly take this image.

                                             2 seconds f14 gives good water "Movement"

A wider view , the colours are only in small areas unfortunately.  but the rushing water looks good with again 2 seconds f14.

Now as the sun lights up the mountain side up the valley , i quickly shoot a few frames before it clouds over again  ,  this is my favourite image from today.

                                                                    3.2 seconds   f18

                            Now i am walking upstream on the right bank , taking shots as i go .

                                                                   1.3 seconds f14

                                     Good "flow" movement in this one     1.6 seconds f14

                            Just 1/2 second in this one, showing more "texture" in the water .

                                                              0.8 second  f18
I can see black clouds behind me over the mountain tops, and its coming this way!     time to go  fast!

                                     It is torrential ,  i am soaked !!!!!!!!  Arghhhhhhhh
Sheltering in the woods until it eases , and i decide to walk along the road to the car, as the trees are looking quite good along this windy road.

                  And scrambling down to photograph a small stream that runs through the woods.

As i get near to the car the heavens open again , its horrendous now so decide to leave , i have had a great day and got some good images.  
                            I stop to take a few shots on the way up towards Llanberis pass.

          Looking down from the viewpoint opposite Snowdon towards Llyn Gwynant in the distance.

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