Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Blickling Hall and Thurne Sunset 8th June 2015

Today we are heading to Blickling Hall , a National Trust property and the terrible twosome can go in the outer estate around the lake.  its looking like another warm sunny day and we manage to park under a tree so we can go into the hall and leave the dogs for a short time :)

                                                    The front entrance ,  stunning!

 We are making our way around the outer estate , a big long narrow lake as is normal for these old estates.  the formal gardens are around the main house but no dogs obviously , So Chester should be ok ,  im sure he thinks he's human :D

          Ooops  Dont think Mol thought it was this deep as she has just jumped of the wooden staging!
                                     Im sure Chester must be thinking "stupid Mol"   haha

                After a nice walk we have left the beasts in the car and are going through the hall.

                                                   Wisteria still looks good on the walls.

 After going around the house , which was very interesting we are now taking a quick look around the formal garden , must get back to the dogs so cant spend too long here.
           Beautiful clipped formal Yew topiary with a large fountain and a sun dial on the path :)

                                           On the upper terrace next to the wisteria.

                                                    Peony flowers in the sunshine :)

Back to the car to get the Beasts and we are going back to the caravan before an evening walk around the Windpumps at Thurne :)

We arrive as the sun starts setting , it will hopefully set near to or behind the second mill , this is the first one as we walk along the staith heading for the main river.

The second mill is in view, and the clouds are looking quite interesting at the moment:)

                    I have set up my tripod on a wooden boat stage to shoot long exposures .
                                                 59 seconds f14  Lee Big stopper used.

                                          and 90 Seconds to show more cloud movement

                                                                           Phone pic

                                                  Zoomed   phone pic :)      HTC ONE9

                                                               Sunset at last , great rays :)

                                     After sundown as i walk back towards the staith.

                                             A last shot , not much colour left now .

                                            Shot with 100-400mm from near to the car.          

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