Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Norfolk Holiday june 5th 2015 pt1

Its Holibobs time  Yay!

After loading the car,caravan and the "Terrible Twosome" ..............

 We are off on the long drive to Norfolk , to Sea Palling to be precise.   A small caravan site just behind the sand dunes about 4 mins walk to the beach, i think :)     After leaving at 8.15 in the morning, an easy drive down into Norfolk was nearly ended while Jan was driving down a narrow ish  main country road, a jcb style tractor with a big 3 ft fork on the front came from a small side road at a crossroads and literally stopped with the Forks right out  in the middle of  My side of the road!!!!!!!!!!   Tosser  ,  Jan narrowly missed them and the cars on the opposite side of the road somehow.     thought i might have been sliced in half :( 
After a half hour we arrived at the Kieth Farm caravan and camping club site and by 4 pm had everything set up :)  Time to go to the beach , the dogs have been stuck in the car for a long time today.      Part of the main central beach has a dog ban so we have to walk to the left a hundred yards before climbing up over the sand dunes to this beautiful series of sheltered bays and golden sand .

                                               Well.....  didn't take them long to get wet!

               Big breakwaters have sheltered the coastline producing huge semi circular beaches .

                                                                            Mad Spanner!

                                                                  Mol is swimming  :)

That's enough beach time , now after dinner we are going for a walk to watch the sunset , there is a derelict Windpump which can be walked to from Horsey,  around the mere and along the broad.   its only a short drive from here . The cloud is looking promising so far as we arrive at Horsey  , but as we start walking i notice thick cloud on the horizon as usual :(              I stop to shoot this sawfly on my phone as we walk along the mere path , and Mol startles a big animal which jumps into the ditch on our right hand side , i presume it must have been a Chinese water deer.

The old Brograve mill is still a long way away ,i can see it in the distance and i know we are not going to get there in time for sunset , but it appears to be setting behind a thick band of cloud and i am tempted to turn back , But Jan says as we are over half way there may as well go check it out for later in the week.     We carry on walking , the Terrible Twosome are tired so no bother on the lead :)
Eventually after 35 minutes we arrive at the Mill  , the dark cloud has stayed over to the left where the sun has set but the sky has coloured up in the distance  ,  so i manage to take this hdr  image about 20 minutes after sundown :)   

                        Just after i take this image i spot a tawny owl just behind the mill   Magic :)

                                                   The end of our first day in Norfolk :)

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