Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Cornwall Holiday july 2015 pt2 a tale of a fish

We are going to "Bedruthan Steps" this morning, one of the most spectacular locations i have seen .
It is around 4 o'clock when we arrive to coincide with the tide coming in,  the steep stone path leading down to the only way down to the beach, which is not accessible at high tide.

                                                What a view, i never tire of this viewpoint :)

 The tide is higher than expected,We should have come earlier!      time to climb down the steep staircase onto the beach now , carefully.

              On the beach and the Holywell Horrors are straight into the crystal clear water :)

 Just after i took this picture ,Jan called me to look at a tiny fish , i scooped it up with the dogs ball thrower  , ( i did think it might be a weaver fish)  as i held near to it, the dam thing flipped around and stuck me with its dorsal spine!!!!!!!!!
Yes it Was a Weaver fish !,  about 5 cm in length.   Within minutes my finger has swollen up and the pain is intense , the swelling is going up into my hand and i cant hold anything. i have only got my phone , no camera equipment  luckily.

                         Its all Jans fault for calling me to look at it!   Arghhhhh

15 minutes later the pain has started to subside a little and the swelling has stopped spreading!  But  my index finger and left side of hand is quite numb.

We continue walking , nothing i can do about it down here ,we after all dont have any vinegar to pour on the sting!,  I think it was only a young one due to the size so hopefully the pain & swelling will slowly disappear.  Jan has had a good laugh  , but  at least she has been googling "Weaver fish" to find a bit more information about them ,  she says i wont die!    Thanks Jan.

 The tide is now rushing in over the shallow sand, the deep hollows in the sand are filling up fast and i think we should make a move to go back to the car ,   I'm not really feeling like staying after all , i still cant hold anything properly in my right hand!

          The Holywell Horrors dont seem to mind, they are having a good run and swim.

 This shows how big the rocks are! 
Or how small the beasts are :D

                              Back near the steps now , this area has filled up now...........

 We walked across here earlier , now it must be 4ft deep already.    it is an extremely dangerous beach , really need to keep an eye on the tides here.

                 Up top now ,  admiring the view  , we will come back later in the week :)

                                                             A Mollster posing pic :)

              After dinner, time to head back to Holywell beach , hopefully to catch a sunset :)
We are walking from the campsite tonight, its warm and sunny but blowing a gale so i am leaving the tripod and just taking the camera, No long exposure shooting tonight. On the map it doesn't look too far, down a couple farm tracks and across the "Kelseys" and dunes to the beach.    About 40 minutes later..................

 Down  the steep dunes onto the beach, the Dogs are in the water already , but the waves are looking quite dangerous breaking over the steep sand shelf that is high up on the beach.  This beach has changed dramatically since we where last here.  Even the stream now flows onto the beach in a slightly different area.

As i am crouching down taking the image below, i didnt notice the big wave coming up over the sand infront of me , Yes my brand new  Non-waterproof  shoes are soaked ! 

                                       Thanks for warning me After the fact Jan!   Arghhhhh

                                                  I think Mollster is laughing at me !

On with 400 mm lens and going to  try to shoot the backlit waves  , i have always wanted to do this as i have seen some wonderful images .
       After about a hundred frames i have finally managed to get two images i think will be good.

                                                                    "Illuminated Wave"

                                                                1/800 th at f9  iso 1000

                              The sun is setting fast , time to get a few backlit dog shots :)

                                                                      Posing at last:)

The sun is almost down now, and we must start walking back now, its going to be dark soon and we havnt got a torch.

                                                     Lovely cloud colouration now :)

                     The end of a god day, even though my finger is still swollen and numb :(

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