Friday, 22 July 2016

Happiest Day of my Life 25th June 2016

It has been a while since my last blog,  i/we have been so busy getting all preparations for Our wedding.
The house and garden have been all decorated/planted ready in time for our big day and garden party.

Saturday June 25th came really fast and we where constantly looking at the weather forecast every hour watching it change from looking great to being rather wet!
The big day arrived , Jan spent the night at her sisters, while I stayed at home to finish putting out all the decorations and table/chairs in the morning with help from Jack,Laura and Ellie (Jan's Kids )

                                                        Garden before the gazebos went up .

The morning of Our wedding, its blue sky but with dark clouds approaching,  We are all travelling to Wallasey town hall in a vintage bus , a wedding gift from Barry/Lisa.  After finishing putting up the tables and chairs ect, we are waiting in the conservatory and the heavens opened!!!!!!    its chucking it down and not one of us has an umbrella.      The bus is due to pick us up at the top of the road at 10.15 , it is now 10.25 and just as its stops raining we all make our way up to the pick up point.
   No bus yet!   i was a bit worried by this point naturally , but eventually just after half past it came and we all piled on for the 25 minute journey.

                                                                Arrived at the Venue

                                                         Jan arrives with her Dad .

                           We all go into the reception room where the ceremony will take place.        

There is a delay, the music cd wont play in the player!     after a few minutes of trying Jack has decided to play the music from his phone while walking behind the bride.

                                              Best man Pete and myself before the ceremony.

                                                           Theo playing with bubbles

                                                                   Here comes the Bride

                                                                          The vows.

                                             Struggling to put the ring on Jan's finger!     Doh!

                                                                The  Happy Couple.

                                                                         Signing the book

                                                                   My new family :)

                                                Walking down the  The magnificent staircase

                                                 Thanks to Gina for her "slanty" image :D

                       We walked out to take photos just as the blue sky makes an appearance .

                                Attempt at throwing confetti , its a bit too windy here  ......

                       Now to take the Vintage bus back to our home for a big garden party....................

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