Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Santorini 28th june 2016 pt1

Our first day in Santorini ,  breakfast is served on our private balcony :)

Today we are first going to walk down the Steps to Fira Old Port before it gets too hot!    walking, not riding a donkey mind, and will probably get the cable car back up.

Its only about 5 - 10 mins walk along the top to the start of the " Karavolades Steps"  about 600 steps down to the Old Port where the cruise ships passengers are brought to shore.

                              Down here?!!!!!!!!!!!                       The start of the way down!

                                                                   What a view stop :)

                      Its a long way down still   haha             loads of donkeys further down the steps.

                                                                             Donkeys :)

                                                                     Local Wildlife :)  
   loads of these small lizards on the way down and a butterfly flew past which might have been an Appolo i think.

                                                                      Phone panorama

                                                                    Rush hour traffic jam! 

                                                                     "The Old Port"
                                      Sitting eating large ice creams served in glass

                                    Water clarity is amazing , we can see small fish everywhere.

 Old and the New.

          Time to take the cable car back up to Fira ,   10 euros for a 2 minute journey!   Bloodyhell.

                                                                         Up we go :)

 At the top there is a HUGE queue of cruise ship passengers all waiting to get on the cable car , with 6 cars taking a maximum of 6 people each its going to be quicker to walk for most of them   Haha.

                                           Bougainvillea looks great on this gift shop :)

Back to the hotel now for an hour or so and then we are going to take the bus to Oia to watch the sunset , like most of the island by all accounts.

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