Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cornwall Holiday day 2 May 23 2016

This morning we are going to see Wheal Coates mine which is near St Agnes.  after a late breakfast we are on the road, down the narrow coastal road!  

               Its a beautiful blue sky warm sunny day , which is not good for taking photographs !

                                                       Mollster is looking out to sea :)

Time to head to Godrevy now.............................

 Jan has caught a really bad cold and she is not feeling up to walking around here , so i take my camera and go for a walk , the flowers on the cliff side are looking great in the sun :)

                                            a long exposure to smooth out the sea movement.


                                              Stunning coastline all around Cornwall

                                                     Mollster looking beautiful

                                                 Another long exposure image.

                                       This wall is covered in flowers , Amazing to see .

 I have rushed down to Holywell but Just missed the sunset , i managed this one image and the colour was gone!    Bummer!

                                                                      Gull rock sunset.

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