Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Perch Rock Sunset Aug 16 th 2016

Having a hunch that there was going to be good sunset coinciding with an almost high tide at Perch Rock i drove down for an evening shoot.  What i suspected  was correct, a good looking sky already turning colour!  

The water was already up to the base of the rocks to the right of the breakwater so i headed straight to the rocks .   the tide is coming in fast which is usual here so i need to be quick setting up.

 Its very calm , not a breath of wind tonight!     with a long exposure to smooth out the water even more it looks like this ...........

                                    15 seconds with Lee little stopper     a 6 stop nd filter

         Wonderful afterglow tonight now the sun has set ,   this is 30 seconds at the peak colour.  

                                   A comparison image without the long exposure   1/8 th second

                                   Another 30 second exposure as the colour starts to fade .
   and then i and a couple of other photogs had to wade back to shore as the tide cut us off on the rocks   Ooops

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