Thursday, 19 January 2017

New Years Day Petrin Hill - Prague 2017

New Years Day , we have slept in after the firework celebrations from last night ,  its a lovely morning with blue sky  and the trees over on Petrin Hill are covered in Hoar frost. it looks magical.  We had planned to go up to Letna to see the Metronome but having walked down onto Charles Bridge the Hoar frost on Petrin is too tempting to miss .

                                                 Charles Bridge and Castle on the right hand top.

                   But look at Petrin Hill!     Amazing!    we have to go up there instead of Letna.

                                             Shot at 400mm from the bridge handheld

     Sun on the Castle for a change,  but time to head back towards the Vehicular railway up Petrin.

I remembered on our way in to the city in the taxi we passed a series of statues on the main road below the Hill , so that's a good place to start from  , after a hot chocolate :)

              Here is the monument -    "Memorial to victims of communism"       info HERE

              Now to walk up through the park to the tower  , its very cold but pleasant in the sun .

                         The steep path zig zags upwards with great views through  the frosted trees .

                      We are at the top now , the Tower is not far over to the left through the trees.

            WOW!   this place always delivers when we visit   its Stunning  , blue sky and frost :)

                                     and there just happens to be a mobile chippy here   lol

Time to walk through the park back towards the castle now...............

                                                      Jan is not very good a hiding  haha

                                    Just look at this view through the trees i have spotted!

                    Its a nice walk down through the park and past the monastery back to the castle.

We have headed down past the castle and have ended up on the bridge downstream from Charles bridge,  almost time for sunset but its really cold now!

                                  Charles Bridge at sunset.  long exposure with Lee Big Stopper

                  After dark the Petrin Tower all lit up  , shot from our hotel room with long lens .

No fog tonight ,   its going to be very cold tonight and possible snow forecast for tomorrow.

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