Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Corfu pt4 Longhorn and Castle

I am on my way back from the far side of the peninsula in the rain , walking around the road behind the pond where the butterflies are and  have just found a large Longhorn beetle .  Since i have the macro gear back in the hotel i will take it back for a photo shoot .

Back in the apartment and have set up the mpe-65 macro lens on my 5dsr to take a series of focus stacked images,  each frame will be focused slightly further into the subject then combined in software when i get home to produce the final high magnification images.

I have put the beetle on a low stone wall outside our room and found a large pale leaf to place behind for background .   5 frames used in this final image.

Now a closer shot,  16 frames used in this one to increase the depth of field.   all shot hand held with a diffused flashgun.

Now for high magnification portrait.   11 frames in this one.   combined in Zerene stacker software.

After lunch we are going down to Kassiopi harbour to go up to the castle ruins for a look around.
                                                         This is a Huge entrance!!!!

                                Up on the top of the castle,, super view across the harbour.

                         Close up view of the beautiful harbour , pity the sun isn't out.

 Walking around the castle , great views all around . the weather looks bad over on the Albanian coast and mountains.

 The olive trees are huge , the netting rolled up under them will be used to catch the olives i presume.

                                                              Back down to the harbour now

                A short walk around before heading back to the apartment .  looks like rain soon!

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