Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Kassiopi pt3 Avlaki peninsula

This morning i am going back to Avlaki to hopefully get some drone flying done , the weather forecast is for thundery showers but it is dry for now .

i phone 7 + panorama image ,  fabulous storm clouds as i arrive at the beach, luckily they are moving away out to sea fast!

Time to set up the Phantom ....

Straight up to 400 ft ,  looking behind me to the lake i was hunting butterflies around yesterday . From this first view i can tell that Topdown , ie  shooting straight downwards will be best today with the cloudy conditions, the blue sea is looking really good.  so i think i will concentrate on doing those type of images after i shoot some video.

After about 20 minutes of shooting video, including loosing signal completely way out over the sea and having the drone come back home automatically , i have landed to change the battery.

 Here is the first video.........

Here is a selection of Topdown images ........

My furthest distance out , this is a multi frame panorama , Albania in the distance has some serious storms going on , and there has been thunder behind me also.

I have now started walking through to the other side of the peninsula . heading towards the other side of the forest in this image.

              The good stony path has turned rocky on the final steep section down the the beach.

                                                             Deserted except for a seat :)

                 Its looking very threatening now,  don't think it will be long before the rain comes.

                     It raining now, I'm sheltering under a tree which also has a seat under it .  Perfect!

       The rain didn't last long so I'm up flying quickly before the next downpour comes along.

This is going to be a short flight,    straight up giving me a view down the coastline to the right , heavy rain in the distance by the looks of it.

The headland over to my left , there is a small island with a lighthouse way out from here but think its too far to risk flying out too.

                                                                  Topdown of the above image.

                                    The rain has returned so now time to hike back to the hotel.

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