Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Drone flying at Carew Castle sunset

We are going down to Carew Castle which is only a couple of minutes drive from our campsite. The weather is looking very promising for a good sunset , and even though I'm quite tired after spending the day on Skomer its got to be worth the short drive.

                              Unfortunately the tide is out, so the moat is just mud!

                       But the sky is looking good for a decent sunset , time to get the drone up.

Ten minutes later , look at that sky.   the rays are showing up great on the drone controllers screen .
This is a Vertorama ,  a merge of 6 individual frames taken manually moving the camera downwards after each frame taken until facing downwards.  it was a difficult one to edit, not the best I admit.
it looks too bright , but its a good example to see the difference as I shoot more .

                                                                    Lovely reflections.

Moving the drone down past the dam over the dry estuary, the low setting sun is illuminating the mud flats with the fabulous rivelets in the mud.  I have  shot a  topdown image looking straight down of the patterns in the mud.

Now I am going to take another multi frame Vertorama ,  about nine frames I think , from the sky for the first frame , then moving the camera down about 30% for each successive frame finishing with looking straight down.  the last four frames I leave a greater overlap so I don't get as much distortion when they are stitched together, and I increase the exposure to compensate for less light in those frames.

                     The finished image, after stitching in PTGui program, and finished in photoshop.

                        Another Topdown image of patterns left in the mud when the tide goes out.

                                           A quick phone shot of the last of the sunset

Wonder what I will shoot tomorrow    ……………….

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