Sunday, 12 August 2018

Tenby May 2018 pt 1

Back in May we took the caravan down to Pembrokeshire to stay near Tenby for a week, yes I'm a bit late with the blog but going to try to catch up a bit now!   lol

The weather is a bit dull this morning,  we are walking from Stackpole carpark towards Barafundle , a stunning beach and headland.

                               The Terrible Twosome are not bothered about the weather!

After a nice run on the beach I have left Jan on the beach reading and have taken the dogs up around the headland for a walk .

    Superb section of coastline.  this would have been good to fly the drone but its way too windy, and too dull to take photographs.

In The evening ,we have driven into Pembroke to take a look around the castle.  There is a nice flat path all away around the castle moat.
Time to get the drone up , although I have to keep well away from the buildings around the opposite side of the castle ,  I think a quick flight almost straight above me is the best option.

Just a short 5 minute flight was enough , the castle doesn't look as interesting from above as I had hoped.

The next morning we have decided to go to Marloes sands , which is near to where the boats sail from to go over to Skomer , were I will hopefully go tomorrow as the weather is looking good .

The Terrible Twosome are having a great time,  I am trying to photograph them running along the beach with my 100-400mm lens

                                  Its so difficult to get them both running side by side !


Walking back towards the car park, I have spotted quite a few Broad Body Chaser dragonflies,  stunning species .   shot with 5dsr and 100-400mm L

the end of a couple of days in Pembrokeshire , tomorrow I sail to Skomer to see the Puffins !

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