Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Bedruthan Trevose Head ,& Stunning sunset Holywell bay

This morning we are starting our day at Bedruthan Steps, the Terrible Twosome need a good run and swim with the tide being out at Bedruthan.      As it turns out , my two best/favourite images of this holiday will be taken today.

         I never tire of seeing the first view looking down this Dramatic magnificent beach when the tide is out.

                                Just look at that view!   Cornwall's best coastline in my opinion.
                                  Now to climb down the hundred steep steps down to the sand.

Walking along the beach, with the dogs having a great time in the surf .   I shoot this image of Jan and the Terrible Twosome..     my second favourite image from this holiday .

After an hour or so on the beach we are now heading to Trevose Head, a place we have never been to. its not far up the coast just past Constantine Bay .

                                           Mollster doesn't look impressed, no beach   haha

I am walking down the coast path heading in the direction of Boobys bay and Constantine to find a decent section of coastline to fly over.

Boobys Bay and Constantine in the background.

Vertorama of Trevose Head

                                                                        9 frame panorama

                                  Strange huge hole in the headland clearly shown from above.

Tonight I am going down to Holywell beach to hopefully shoot an image I had planned last year but the weather was too windy to fly .   Tonight is looking good, no wind and a clear sky to hopefully illuminate Gull Rock as the sun setts low on the horizon out to sea.
I have walked around the headland to get a good line of sight to fly straight out to the rock. Flying straight out to the rock, I take a series of topdown images , 22 in all. in a grid pattern at 400 ft  to stitch together into the image below.  Time to fly back and change the drone battery ready for the best light as the sun gets low in the sky.

Now to  get the image I had planned, straight out past the rock , to look back towards the bay with the last of the suns rays illuminating Gull Rock and the coastline in lovely warm light.

                                       A full 9 frame panorama take a few minutes later.

                               While bringing the drone back I stop to take a silhouette image.

                                             The end of another fabulous day in Cornwall.

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