Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Holywell Bay Sunset july 12 th

Tonight I am going down to Holywell beach for sunset , Jan is staying in the van with the dogs. 

I have walked from the campsite across the fields and into the dunes hoping for some good light just before sunset, the tide is out which is perfect for shooting the sand ripples and reflections hopefully.
After the fast  20 minute walk I have been looking for a good composition along the dunes,  a quick phone shot this one. 

 This is looking like a promising composition ,just in time as the sun is illuminating the grasses and I will only have a short time to get an image before the sun gets too low.

                        Here is the final image ,   5dsr  17-40 L   f14  1/13 th   0.9 soft nd grad.

Now to get down onto the beach ,  after about 10 minutes I have found a good area where the stream has been seeping water through the sand ,  and with the deep sand ripples surrounded by water, as the sun sets hopefully this shallow water will reflect some nice colour.

     The sky is colouring up nicely , the wispy cloud is going to look great if it does catch the light after the sun has set below the horizon.
My hopes have been granted, what a great cloud formation right above Gull Rock all coloured up.

                                        5dsr  17-40 L      1.3 seconds  f14     0.9 soft nd grad

          Now a closer view of the cloud formation , with some nice colour reflected in the water.

                                                                   Gull Rock Silhouette

The sun has long set below the horizon,  the sky has continued to colour up but there is not enough light on the sand now to get any more ripples images.  so this is my last image.

The end of a great day on one of my favourite locations in Cornwall,   now a long walk back to the van in the dark, with no torch   Ooops 

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