Friday, 15 June 2012

Bowscale fell pt3 june 3rd

After the exhilaration of traversing the "sharp edge" up to the summit of Blencathra we have now started making our way to---    i have no idea  lol.  but the thought of tasting Gina's homemade chocolate brownies is keeping me going  haha.  thank god they didn't follow the water bottle to impending death!
The thick mist has been obscuring the view most of the time , but i managed to take this shot as we are descending , err  Atkinson pike i think Ray mentioned it is!

it was soon Chocolate Brownie time, we have found a stone cairn to rest in, not a clue where we are right now, and the fog is so thick cant see a thing anyhow!  Gina's choc brownies are legendary to all her followers on twitter, think that's the main reason we are all up here now:)  now its time to actually taste one:)  we are all tucking in now Yum,yum. 

Well, i can now confirm they are amazing :)))))  everyone Must taste these :D 
the temperature is so cold i cant feel my fingers, dam British summer weather !  off we go again, heading towards the high point between Bannerdale and Blencathra , and then we are going to take a route towards Bowscale fell.

we are walking across fairly nondescript fells, heading towards Bowscale Fell,   it is really cold now, wind is blowing quite strong when we are not being sheltered by the fell side!  as the mist clears a bit i can see the sharp edge we had previously negotiated on route to the summit of Blencathra.there is a escapee water bottle down there somewhere  haha

We pass the "the white cross" a memorial i believe, must have taken a long time to bring up all the white stones! and The Horseshoe cairn is in sight now:)   the Beast is already there before us!!! haha

                                                         Multiple cairns on Bowscale fell.

                    we arrive at Bowscale tarn, well looking down on it!  and that is Carrock fell behind.

The end cairn on Bowscale fell

the view across the fells from the decent from Bowscale fell , i can feel my right knee tightening up now, think i am going to be in pain for the walk back to the car!  Arghhhhh

   we can now look down the valley we first walked down , with "The Tongue" over to the right and Souther fell on the left with Bannerdale in the centre.

we are finally back to the road, off to the Mill Inn in Mungrisdale now for a drink!

That was an amazing day!  never to be forgotten and a really great group of people who will be friends for a long time.    another walk is already planned, cant wait:)

I would like to say special thanks to Ray , for guiding us today!  and Gina for supplying the brownies:D

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  1. Hope your knee recovered...I am totally desperate for one of those brownies!! After Sharp Edge Bannerdale and Bowscale are tame fells but I still like them. Hope the weather is better next time :-)