Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dragons & Damsels on the river Dee May 27th 2012

The weather this year has been really bad so far , hardly any dragons or damsels around. the common Clubtail dragonflies should be emerging now, so a quick trip down to Aldford near Chester on the river dee is a good place to see them.  i always think they are an ugly dragonfly , with broad eyes and head! lol

any how , i arrive in Aldford and make my way down to the river,  here is the bridge over the river.

It is fairly bright with sun and a slight breeze but still quite cold as i start walking along the path from the bridge.   the first field is always a good spot to find Banded Demoiselles and straight away i find 2 or 3 males perched up!  but they are very flighty and are proving a bit tricky to get near, also the bright conditions make shooting good exposures on these dark mettalic species a nightmare!!!!      but!  i manage this shot :)

Plenty of flowers along the path , but strangly very few insects around!

I continue down the river looking for clubtails but not a sign of any, quite a few damsels around but not being very obliging  lol.   managed to shoot this female banded demoiselle :)   but look at her dented eye!!!

i have just found this female nursery web spider with her egg sac ,  tried my best to get a good image!
                                      but failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   arghhhhh 

Getting near the end of the stretch and still no clubtails!!   but found a few more banded Demoiselles

                                                                                take off!!!!!

    Then a freshly emerged Damselfly , time to get the mpe-65 macro lens out for a portrait on my       
finger :)                                       wonderfull subjects to photograph :D

                                  A quick shot of a cat feeding on nettle, probably smll tort

Making my way back now, given up on seeing any clubtails when suddenly i spot one perched up!    3 quick frames  and it was gone!!!!!!!!

The end of a short trip, a few shots taken  but not the numbers i was expecting.  really do need warmer weather!!


  1. The Damselfly looks like something out of Hannibal!! Minature close-ups can be scary!
    Great photos (as ever!)

  2. Amazing photographs. I love drangonflies. Rarely see any up here though. At least you got quality if not the quantity you desired. I've subscribed for your blog updates via email so hopefully I won't miss any :-)