Thursday, 28 June 2012

Helm Crag may 21st

After the morning shoot at Gaitbarrows i drove up the m6 and down to Grasmere to climb Helm Crag. i had always driven past and thought "one day i will climb up there"  so today was the day:D
it was glorious sunshine, blue sky so would be a nice little walk. i parked on the main A591 just opposite the crag.
My route was to be across the river rothay,up to Ghyl foot then over to Bracken Hause and onto Helm crag from their,  well that was the plan , but it went wrong!!!!   Ooops

                                                       Here is the target, Helm crag!

i crossed over the farm field and down to the river, across the stepping stones without falling in!  lol

from here i walked up the road past the cottages which have wonderfull azalias in the gardens, so beautifull at this time of year:)

Up onto the fells now to follow the stream up to a bridge where i can cross over to climb up to Bracken hause,  acording to the map on phone!  its a lovely day for a gentle walk!

I have arrived at the bridge, a sheep is waiting for me:)) , but according to my phone map & gps i am a long way from the bridge i need to cross, so presume another bridge further up the path.

I carry on walking up the track, i keep looking back towards the bridge and Helm crag behind it in the distance!!   i really do think i should have crossed THAT bridge!  Oooops

Looking forward towards Greenburn Bottom , with Gibson knott over to my left somewhere!  think i will have to just climb up the mountain side now, no path but the main track i am on is heading nowhere!!

Halfway up the fell side , i sit down for a rest and as i survey the view, a sheep pops up!!  im sure it was thinking " this is my home,you shouldnt be here!  there are no paths! "   lol

i scramble my way up to the top, where i join the main path that runs from Calf crag through to Helm crag, passing Gibson Knott on the way,  that is my target now:)
Awsome view from up here today, looking towards Grasmere in the distance.

a close up of Grasmere taken from the summit of Gibson Knot.

              The summit cairn on Gibson Knot.  Helm crag is just visible on the left side of image!

Looking over to the right is Easdale Tarn, looks a nice walk but not for today, i am knackered already since been on my feet since early this morning now!  and still a long way to go!

 In front of me, my final target, the summit rocks of Helm Crag :)  a nice winding path up to the summit!

looking back to Gibson Knot

up to the top now, a rather rocky summit with a series of large boulder stones , called affectionally "the lion & the lamb"   here are a few images of the views taken from on top of the summit stones :))))

looking towards Dunmail raise over to the right

another view of Easdale tarn

and Grasmere looking beautiful today :)

i start making my way down now, the paths at this end are quite steep!!

well!!!  that was a steep decent!   glad i didnt climb up this way!  Phew!
The helicopter has been carrying rock for the "Fix the Fells" project

i have to make a detour so as not to walk under the helecopters flight path!

My route back to the car is through Lancrigg Arbouretum:)

The Azalias and Rhododenrens are looking good in the late afternoon sun :)

looking back to Helm Crag still in glorious sunshine :D

a beautiful cottage garden on the way back through Grasmere.

and finally back to the car where lovely light on the lower fell side of Helm crag:)

What a superb day its been, beautifull butterflies in the morning and a super walk in the afternoon with awsome views :))

images taken with canon 5d2 ,17-40L & 70-300is


  1. Great blog and photos - how could you miss Helm Crag though? Lol! I helped put in some of the stones from the Fix the Fells helicopter drop! Hurrah! :-)

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Loved the picture of Easdale Tarn.
    Ps. I dream of retiring to a cottage with a adorable garden, just like that!